Lifebushido needs Leaders
Version: 10/27/2016

Dear Recruit who is a Leader,

I am writing this letter to everyone interested in Lifebushido, who is applying for a job with Lifebushido, who is a Leader.
Lifebushido started in 2006. When I review success and failures in past 10 years, I have decided that overall we need more Leaders and more dynamic Leaders at Lifebushido.

I am looking for people who are Leaders, who love to lead, love to persuade people of ideas, love to help people, and are organized and effective. Most of all, I am looking for Leaders who are excited by the Lifebushido Vision.

Leader Roles
Leaders must meet the following criteria: Interested in working 10-25 hours per week. Not working in a full-time job at the same time. Able and willing to speak with clients and co-workers on phone and enjoy talking to people and helping them. Interest in being a Key Assistant, project manager type role, for 3-10 clients who are real estate agents and/or being a Mentor/Leader for 3-10 Ishidos (people who work with Lifebushido). You do not need to have prior experience as a manager or a project manager. We have had people do very well with no prior formal work management experience.

Out of 100 people who applies, about 20 say they are a Leader. But, when given the opportunity to lead, only about 10 take action to apply as a Leader. And the majority who applies as a Leader fails to take action and get things done as a Leader. If you are a Leader and you create a Lifebushido Triangle, you will be hired.
Please see the following page for more information and to get started.
If you are a Leader and after reading about Lifebushido Triangle you have posted your name to form a Triangle as a Leader, then please schedule a call to speak to me personally for 10 minutes. You can schedule a call with me at

The majority of Leaders starts out as a Key Assistants at Lifebushido. Please see the following page here for more information.

If you do not decide to apply as a Lifebushido Triangle Leader, I would greatly appreciate the courtesy of an email reply and your reasons.

If you have questions about Lifebushido and Leaders and Lifebushido Triangle, just email me at and ask.

Keep in touch,
Steve Kantor

Anything is Possible