The Accounting Team of Lifebushido/Best Agent Business provides internal accounting as well as accounting services for clients.
Version: 2/17/17 updated by Tracey B

Tracey Bujaki is Team Leader. Gretchen Parks is Assistant Team Leader. They can be reached by e-mail at If a client requests information about our accounting services, you may direct them to for more information about what we can provide. We will also tailor services to the specific needs of a client if possible.

For Ishidos interested in joining the accounting team, we are selectively hiring qualified individuals with past experience in accounting, specifically using Quickbooks. Joining the team is no guarantee of work, but as work becomes available I will do my best to spread it out. See Accounting Team - Recruit for more information about applying to the team.

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Best Agent Business $99/month -
Best Agent Business Introduction - $495/month -
Best Agent Business Regular - $995/month -
Best Agent Business Double - $1,990/month -

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