Accounting Services for Best Agent Business Clients

Accounting Services Kick Off

1. Give BAB Accounting Services Information clients know what is needed to get started: Send email with the following links, cc Accounting TL and Steve

Send this questionnaire to the client to fill out prior to the call. If you have not received it, resend while on KO call.

2. Set up an Accounting Kick Off Conference Call, to include the client, Accounting Team Leader, Accounting Assistant who is assigned to that client (if possible) and KA.
The conference call allows us to gather information about the client, determine expectations, action Items, and set follow-up deadlines.

Follow the Intstructions on the Kick Off Page here:

Accounting For Clients - Kick Off Procedures

3. Assign an Accounting Assistant to follow-up with the client if one has not been assigned yet.

4. Send an email to Accounting Assistant to make sure they have the clients logins and they know their Responsibilites.

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