Accounting for Clients - Accounting Assistant Responsibilities

Accounting Assistant Responsibility:

QUICKBOOKS ONLINE SET-UP (done by Client or Quickbooks)...

1. Set up a BAB Accounting login that is separate from the client's login if possible.
2. Work with Accounting Team Leader to set up the Chart of Accounts.
3. Set up Vendor List based on client's reoccurring expenses and expense receipts given.
4. Set up Customers/Jobs if needed for the Agents and Transactions. - Only if Client wants to separate Income by transaction.
4. Enter first 2 closed deals correctly (income), then get approval from Accounting Team Leader before entering the rest.


1. Enter client's income, expenses, and any other information received that week.

2. Send email to client (copy Accounting Team Leader, and KA) to include the following:
  • Ishido's status for client's accounting work, including Action Items (noting deadlines as appropriate).
  • Items still needed from the client, including Action Items (noting deadlines as appropriate).
  • .PDF report from Quickbooks showing entries from the previous week.


Subject: Weekly Accounting Update - Best Agent Business - David Orso

Hi David,

Here's your weekly Best Agent Business Accounting update:

- Recorded commission income and expenses. please see attached pdf.

Things that need to be done:

- Reconcile bank accounts and credit cards so that Quickbooks will reflect its updated balances. ------ Please furnish us copies of your bank and credit card statements.
- The gross income per Quickbooks does not tally with the running total on the Century 21 CV. I already checked this with the previous pdf you have sent, but it seems that we've missed some information here. If possible, please send us Summary/Statement of Commission Income from C21.
Still needed from you:
  1. Your credit card statements.
  2. Monthly bank statements starting January 2011.
  3. Summary/Statement of Commission Income from C21.

Please let me know if you have questions.

Rebecca Mahinay
Accounting Assistant

Best Agent Business

3. After sending the weekly email, please enter the Last Date Sent in the Schedule DB Accounting Report Find your Client's name and edit the record to reflect the new Last System Date as the date you sent the email. This will be verified by Systems Team so be sure to copy them.

Send email to the client with their Profit & Loss .pdf reports (detail & summary with year to year comparison) on the 10th of each month for the prior month.

Send email to the client with their Profit & Loss .pdf reports (detail & summary) for each quarter as follows: (Copy Steve, Gretchen, and KA)
April (q1),
July (q2),
January (q4 & full previous year summary)

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