Accounting Team Leader Tasks

updated 7/27/17 TL

New Clients:
  • Make sure KAs are following through on New Clients to get financials and do Accounting KO with a day 1-10 call.
  • Accounting TL should attend this call
  • Accounting Should receive an Email from KA when completed
  • When a New client comes in TL will set a 10 day Appointment for self, Check Client Financials and KO Status if not updated then TL will reach out to Client and complete
  • If KA failed to do this by day 10 - Accounting TL will complete for them and send email to KA with Mentor and Steve CCd

Daily Items:
  • Review Accounting and Systems box work

Weekly Items for TL/ATL
  • Send Steve list of pending items waiting for Steve
  • Update wiki with done or pending items
  • Process all client payments, refunds, new clients, etc.
  • Send Weekly TL email on Monday with AR report & updated Client DB Accounting report.
  • Send Summary Reports as requested.
  • Update End Service Dates on Lost Clients:

Monthly Items for TL/ATL
  • Send financial reports through end of prior month
  • Send Recurring Template Listing quarterly edited in Excel to include groupings by amount and total at the bottom.
    • Report in Quickbooks created to show all the current recurring invoices/templates for clients and then that number gets matched to the $ in the Client DB.
  • Send bank account reconciliation via mail to Steve.
  • Send Monthly TL Email on the 1st of the month with team spreadsheet attached.
  • Send Client Work Hours Reports as requested to Steve and/or client
    • Monthly Client Work Reports
    • Send all Summary Reports to Steve for Lost/Paused Clients
    • Update the Client DB for summary report numbers and Usage statuses
  • Update the Schedule DB for Lost/Revive Clients
  • Monthly Journal Entries
    • Get Monthly Payroll Report from Steve to enter in to Quickbooks
    • Get Montlhly Non-Client Billable Report from Steve to do Quickbooks Entry

Information statements needed from Steve every month:
  • American Express Account # 5-42009, Closes 2nd of each month.
  • American Express Account # 2-01000, Closes 2nd of each month
  • Citicard Visa (no info, never received statements yet, account opened 2010)
  • Bank of America
  • PayPal Monthly Sales Summary
  • PayFlex Monthly Payroll Report