Accounting - Steve

This page is for Steve notes on Accounting.

Action Items Tracey 7/26/18:
- Hold KAs accountable for keeping Testimonial report accurate
  • Talk with Raquel about how managed, updated, etc
- Get Budget numbers input into metrics
-Client Report
  • Lost for 2018
  • Ideal Client yes-no-maybe
  • Send report to Steve with my idea of if Ideal etc
-Fix Graph pages
  • MSR smaller
  • add 1st calls total by month
  • add Testimonials daily
-Systems box - not operating
  • Some things coming to Accounting box that were in systems?
- Look at Paypal access and see if has everything I need
  • email Steve with thoughts
- Fix Retention SS
- Add Workers Comp to Payroll Spreadheet show % of Payroll
- Add SUI to Payroll SS show % of Payroll
-Add Paychex fees to SS show % of Payroll
- Talk with Toshua and Wendy and come up with a Slow hours plan of action by end of July
NOTE: Budget should be requested by 20th of month and input by 25th for next month
NOTE: Financials should be in by the 5th and mail reconciliations to Steve by 10th (snail mail)

Actions Items for Steve - Notes to Self - 7/22/18
  • Payroll: No late, No 1st or 2nd of month. No future dates. check above 5 hours. check LB. summary by worktype. Logins for Clientsm, Bonus Revi ve stuff verified against Metrics report. no one over 100 hours, adjust to be below 100 * 12 is 1,200 for year.
  • wiki update, acct paypal remove codes, program hours, first calls cgc.

Action items from Steve - 7/22/18
  • We are making progress.
  • You should ALWAYS be ahead of me weekly in EVERYTHING because I have given you authority to delegate and hire more people as needed to ALWAYS be ahead of me. That is my expectation going forward.
  • Metrics - Accountability: We will move more things to Accounting Team and you which includes Systems to EDUCATE Ishidos on Metrics (your job along with their Mentor), and HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE. If Toshua has to hold someone accountable or bother them, that is a problem because that is your job of Metrics. So be sure to EDUCATE everyone and escalate to Mentor, Toshua and me if it seems the Ishido does not understand or does not agree or refuses to do their job. Metrics first.
Tracey and Misc
  • For items below you do not understand, just put DO NOT UNDERSTAND and discuss on our calls.
  • Ishidos Global - use Alison Devonish fully - will do
  • Weekly calls - I expect for Tue 11am to have 1-2 clients on call for BDA Profit Reviews. This is not happening. - 1. I don't have time to do this can I delegate to Alison? Its more then just 2 calls a week, have to go through calling all the clients mulltiple times because you cant get them live. 2. I really think they should schedule a call with me first to do the interview and get all the information and P&L so the review call with you will be productive.
  • Systems Box - discuss, it is paused. - Please elaborate on what you want to do here?
  • Acct Team - scheduled calls with Steve for First Calls - Not sure what you are referring to here but KAs are informing clients about Accounting on Kickoff so not sure they need another first call to discuss
  • Gretchen - What does this mean DO NOT UNDERSTAND?
  • PayPal Access for Tracey - This would be great but please outline what exactly you want me to be responsible for here? other then reconciling and accuracy of reports?
  • Terry Ishido hours. - Assuming you want her audit information - I will get that to you
  • Finnacilas - balance sheet, monthly, paypal may needed. - DO NOT UNDERSTAND
  • Labor WC - DO NOT UNDERSTAND - We should be good here?
  • Bank recon stuff. - completed and up to day through June - will mail out package to you today - SENT
  • Some PayPal May missing some $995?? on Accounting Paypal DB or in Quickbooks? - I reconciled both so they should be ok?
  • Slow Hours - acct plan - Please discuss plan with me?
  • Mew Mexico form - NEED POA signed, from you and Need copies of letters that come in the mail from NM to give to Colleen
  • State files elecontrically - There are some states that we can not do this with: Washington State, Ohio Workers Comp, etc.
  • qbase goal actions - DO NOT UNDERSTAND

  • Reconcile bank account: Are you doing this? You need to mail me printouts monthly. - DONE - MAILED TODAY
  • Policy change: Always have Level Current at $0 and Budget Hours at 0 filled in if they are not on PayPal. - Done
  • Client Work Hour Balance - I sent draft report with partial hours calc and email to you. Let's discuss each call until we get it right. - OK
  • Monthly: Revenue and Work Hour Totals and YTD and Monthly values. Are these being updated monthly? If not, need to get back in shape and figure out easiest reports to use and hours needed for Accounting update. - Will update and make sure this is happening - IN PROGRESS
  • AR: Make sure report proper. Janet Gresh, Carolyn Mayhew, Doug Tucker should be on it etc. - DONE
Ishidos - Payroll
  • Metrics - budget payroll
    • Split out Learning from Training/Mentoring as we discussed. - DONE ON PAGE ONE - WEEKLY/MONTHLY

  • Issues
    • TN workers comp needed for Hannah I think - Will look into this - in progress
    • Late Goal Actions - add to agenda to discuss. - DONE
    • Weekly Goal Actions - why do I see no emails from you to Ishidos warning them they failed to perform? Are you doing your job of emailing them and CC me and their mentor? I have seen nothing. - I have been sending these every week - will cc you going forward
    • New Mexico SUI - need to add I thik,. - DONE - waiting on letter to give to Colleen
    • TX workers comp - why 8810 highter rated? -
    • ESR how do we reduce this or eliminate this?
    • La Vese Potts - confirm she got check in mail. did she get debit card?
  • Payroll Finnacials: For Metrics payroll section, pls have monthly numbers of Mass Pay to Globals as line item and Gross Pay - less Steve for USA so we can see how it changes.
  • New Hires - we do not want to pay them ANYTHING unless they have completed 10 hours of Client Billable work. Implement this week and make clear. So Teams must give them 10 hours of Client Billable work by end of month ALWAYS and have it structured that way. I do not want to pay for 10 hours of training and then have 0 client billable hours because they quit. This also involves Toshua. Marketing is easy to do with Online Marketing Reviews. Calling with giving them 2 weeks of 5 hours of client calling. Closing may be harder but can give them 10 hours of Lead Mgt stuff. - This is not legal, I send you documentation on this already
    • Please have Paychex send us current report showing any 1/1/2018 States or Locals above $10. - Requested
    • Shannon Jiacoma - calc back pay needed and resolve with her by 7/26/18 how we can pay her the backpay at one-time or in chunks based on her disability limits.
      • CA rule of 25 employees. Find out ASAP. Is that 25 employees in CA or 25 total for company nationwide?
    • New Hires - make sure you check until Paychex does it to tell me if they should be paid more than $10.

  • WA: Please document all the accounts we have had and whether shut down yet or what. I sent you signed authorization and more issues from them
  • State payroll issues scanned to you: WA, NJ, MO credit, MS due $330., OH, Steve payroll stub to make sure you have allocated properly for financials.


Steve for 4/27/18
  • Lifebushido Budget - need QB entries by Fri COB for Mar 2018 as discussed with ballpark numbers and then cleanup next week as needed. All Jan-Feb-Mar and 2017 one entry complete and approved by me by 4/13/18. - sent march and will work backwards once approved by you - on agenda just got the go ahead from you
  • Accounting Team - your deadline was 3/31/18 for this being 100% complete. Is it? For what?

Action Items for 4/23/18 - Tracey - Updated 4/27/18

  • Hours Balance - add this to agenda for me to program and resolve. - ADDED
  • Payroll States
    • I am confused why WA state seems to still have 2 accounts for Best Agent Business and they keep saying we owe money every month. I called and they will not discuss this with me because I am not an "authorized account representative" you will probably have to call and make me your representative so I can handle this. - I HAVE CALLED A FEW TIMES AND THEY WONT TALK TO ME

  • Metrics
    • Lifebushido Budget - need QB entries by Fri COB for Mar 2018 as discussed with ballpark numbers and then cleanup next week as needed. All Jan-Feb-Mar and 2017 one entry complete and approved by me by 4/13/18. - IN PROGRESS

Action Items for 3/13/18 - Billion Dollar Agent Profits
This is summary of Accounting Team for getting accounting work and Billion Dollar Agent Profit analysis.

Accounting Clients
  • Close the Gap:
    • 100% of Clients have Financial Information as of 2/28/18 with 2017 numbers and 2018 Budget and Actuals. - 90% there
    • 100% of Clients have Accounting Kickoff information complete and we have target list of clients to pursue. - 75% there
    • BDA Profit Clients have agreed in writing to share monthly financials and compare monthly on conf call - ADDED TO AGENDA
  • Accounting Clients

  • Lifetime Value
    • We need to do data entry to confirm numbers. Please do summary report from QuickBooks of all clients total revenue to 1/31/18 to Excel and send to me. It will likely be 1,000 clients. - DONE
    • Take report which is used to data enter Total Revenue and Monthly Revenue each month and send that to me to modify to pull all 1,000 clients so you can have Global do data entry of all 1,000. So how long hours for a Globsal or multuiple Globals to data entry alpha order the date 1/31/18 and then total revenue number from reading off spreadsheet and typing into Client DB? EST 20 hrs - do you want to proceed?
  • Monthly Accounting Pulls
    • Do you currently pull total revenue and it is updated in Client DB and you have total work hours and Accounting Box can answer basic summary report info without havuing to pull whole report? - I will verify that these are being entered and accurate - YES
  • Financials - Profit/Loss - Payroll Paychex -
    • Budgeting: Please use Lifebushido Metrics page for a Budget - Monthly P/L which we will use for dollar amounts. Please put in the recurring ballpark numbers we know we have and have column to right of $$ the percent of revenue. - I had this entered and you asked me to remove it how would you like to move forward, separate spreadsheet?
      • PayPal credit card fees are about 2.X%. Put in line items for the recurring stuff.

      • Here are some questions issues, my understanding: Employee withholdings are balance sheet, employer liabiklities are balance sheets which then become expenses?? I do not fully understand this myself. Workers Comp expense, - YOU PAY
      • Tax deposits, so that is when the money comes out of bank account as a lump sum and gets applied to balance sheet items? I guess if expense it accrues as payable when we do payroll and then is paid by EFT date? There are really no Liabilities because Paychex pays these so they are applied to the expenses

      • Chunk stuff so we have Payroll, Advertitsing/MArketing, Bank Fees (paypal thing), Technology Officer (quickbase painful), and Otehr.
      • Questions/issues: Consiolidate little codes as possible. Book travel 2016? Payper click 2017 is missing and should be all the Google and Facebook PPC. Pls have sep lines in Advertising for Googgle PPC and Facebook PPC.

      • Older expenses $4,995 - what is that stuff? - It looks like this was an entry made to zero out the Other - Misc Transfer Account - I dont even know what this account was, maybe things that Gretchen didnt know what they were.
      • Why is state income tax appearing under expenses? Isnt all of that Employee costs, not LB.? - Im not sure I fully understand this either but its amounts that were included in the pay for the employees but not paid by Paychex that LB needs to send to the states on behalf of the Employee
      • Yes, State SUI should be LB expense, but isnt state withholding employee? Make clear if SUI or WH on descriptions categories - Correct
      • do percentages make sense? meaning total for year of X% for Soc Sec and MEdicaire and FUTA. - Im not sure what these should be - want me to spend some time researching it?
      • why is FH witholding tax appearing under expenses?? - Fixed
      • pls change categories subcats so more clean like Federal, State SUI, State WH, Local Sui, Local WH, Workers Comp etc.
      • uncategiorized expense - clean up
      • Shareholder loan - the memo fields should say which bank account ending last 4 digits the money came out of. pls send details fotr current shareholder balabnce.

  • Clients - PL
    • Billing hours - database calc in Client DB fix finally
    • BDA Systems $99 syub - add it for new proposals and sell it as well.
    • Raise prices
    • Coaching revenue - Paul P needs $995.
    • Exclude clients who are not active from being able to bill
    • Remove REB
    • Remove Systems
    • Track weekly
    • Refunds audit
    • Create new sub levels including $1,495 and $99 assistant stuff.
  • Misc items
    • Client Lifetime Value
    • goal actins tracey
    • paypal myutklie user access
    • MSR - sales by client for last year - review and focus
    • A/R report
    • MD SDAT report - personal properly. apr 16
    • taxes
    • gretchen
    • metrics folder
    • Barb
    • Where should I be spending time on capital raise etc?
    • Finding Jedishisods
    • Tracey role
    • quick base acct
    • hartford audit
    • sendout cards
    • citibank card and payments
    • clear lifebushido acct steve wuiki

  • Update wiki from folder notes. Get daily flow smooth.
  • Minimize, reduce expenses, BDA accounting

  • Calc hours left - need calc formula for hours left.
  • Zero out balances of work hour balance credit/debit
  • System hours - automate so it can be done without Steve
  • Lock Client DB for acct fields
  • Financials: QB access, monthly up/down, amex - upload. Canada items
  • QB recurring template review
  • Other: book processing, qbase reports, Ishidos over X hours
  • GA reports automated, refunds, time billed to inactive clients
  • Accounting
    • Decreasing costs, increasing systems, crowdsourced auditing
    • Decrease costs with automation and time estimates daily weekly monthly and Sched DB
    • Work Hour Balance:
      • Wording and calculation via Kathy for 50 hours on 10th of month
      • Work hour balance and date - clear these out every 3 months
      • Audit: Revenue Total and YTD
      • Months of service and revenue per month
      • MSR count versus on Checks
      • Useful for uogrades: Over hours, negative mnumber, under hours, positive number. date of when done.
    • Client Lost policy
    • Budget Hours - see summary report nothing EMPTY or 2. Empty should be 0.
    • Accounting kickoff - PAM to resolve count. - only for clients A rated.
    • Stop work policy - who to bill - check goal actions
    • Pause Slow - 995 to 99 downgrade. Why mistake, now, target resignup, agree with client
    • qbviewrecruit, qbviewpyroll
    • Slow Pause - Bill Walsom deadline date for usage. - put in mail
    • Client Grid: Columns for Call, Retainm, Delegate, Revive Upgrade
    • New DB of Client Changes All: Add, Drop, Upgrade, Downgrade, Pause: Client, Date, Type of change, Start Level, Ending Level, Reason, KA, CS, Other, notes, who was responsible. Points.
    • Check processing - actions for each type, what to do and templates
    • Billing practices: why bab and not. Generic VA no RE, RE VA, no business, Comp VA, Globasl, Other ?RE firms, compete, testimomnial, bda, owner, coaching clients.
      • Billing - part-time, better than inhouse, recruit, retain, elader, systems wiki, babwiki, monthly slow, CC Client Steve KA Acct audit. transapartent payroll 70 per month and questions for 1-3. never had a dispute
      • Problem asst error, billing fraud, over deliver, not slow
    • PayPal 2.2% to 100k and then 1.9%. Virtual terminakl $30/month, not online. web payments pro account. Refunds error,e Signup CC, email mass pay make steve primary email
    • Missing clients from Client DB: IonIdea Kishabn, Georgia McLaughlin, Todd Murphy, Jo Ellen Nash, Dan Rallo, Debbie Yost
    • MSR - BAB DB - Private Steve, Starrt amount, current amount, total amound, sdubs, single, refunds, NET.
    • Systems time - 5 hours * 3 is 15 hours
    • Accounting Budget for a client -
    • Client Grid: AW Newsletter, BBB, Restart, Toucbase hellos, Bold 100 days, Analyze by year srarted.
    • PayPal veriify email - make shorter and link to babwiki FAQ
    • Citicard - pull reports
    • CLient DB: Phone says whether office or cell
      • Retention - check box that review was complete for Client Revive - date reviewed last. This could be overall field for major review of client
      • Reason CS in Clien6t db is comnfusin