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Raquel_Martin on Jan 13, 2017 3:50 pm

This page points to other links for development of KA and Accounting Systems

Key Assistant - Accounting Kick Off

Key Assistant Accounting Overview

Accounting Getting Started

Accounting Client Kick Off

Setting up recurring expenses for clients in Quickbooks

Accounting Team Staff

Accounting - Quickbooks Tutorials

Accounting - Status Definitions

General Account Policies and Instructions
Instructions- Client Upgrade or Downgrade
Instructions- Entering Monthly Credit Card Charges
Instructions- Returned Payroll Payments
Instructions- Monthly Journal Entries
Instructions- Monthly Reconcile of Bank Statement

E-mail Template- Client Allowed to Pay by Check
E-mail Template- Client Payment Failure- 1st Notice
E-mail Template- Client Payment Failure 2nd Notice
E-mail Template- Client Payment Cancelled- Service Pause 3-Day Warning
E-mail Template- Services Paused Per Policy
E-mail Template- Service Agreement Not Received
E-mail Template- Suggest Upgrade Service Level
E-mail Template- Client Cancels Without Warning
E-mail Template- Subscription Not Received, No Cancel Notice
E-mail Template- Clients Wanting to Pause

Accounting Email Box

Accounting Proactive Marketing

Accounting All Billing Pages

Accounting - Steve Kaizen

Accounting - Billing How to

Accounting - Business Profit Review

Accounting - KA Kickoff

Billion Dollar Agent Profit Model