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Lifebushido is always on the lookout for ways to encourage people to reach their potential and through its Best Agent Business division to offer them the services of virtual assistants so they can concentrate on what they do best and delegate some other duties to staff. With the upcoming inauguration of Barrack Obama as our 44th President, Steve Kantor also saw that capturing the moment would be a great way to show how Best Agent Business could effectively package and market materials for clients.

Slate Magazine, in conjunction with, invited internet readers to help write the inaugural address. MixedInk Technology was able to search through previous presidential addresses to offer the writers similar sentiments as phrased by past leaders to incorporate into their own speeches, if they desired. Since the work was done in the public domain, writers were able to utilize sentences and ideas from other online writers as well as from the past presidents in their own versions, go back and edit their work, and make multiple attempts to present their thoughts. Some wirtes even chose to resubmit speeches from past presidents. The finished products, which ranged from a sentence to a paragraph or two to a well developed essay, were rated by readers and the most popular one was selected.

The invitation also appeared as a “HIT” or “Human Intelligence Task” on Mturk,’s marketplace for work that requires human intelligence
. Steve Kantor invited Mechanical Turk freelance writers to write the speech they would give if they were President-Elect Obama and promised to publish the result of the crowdsourced effort

Lifebushido will publish a selection of speeches prepared by Slate readers and Mturk freelance writers, as well from student editors from the top 100 high school newspapers in the country. Lifebushido clients and staff were encouraged to participate.

Why the Campaign Offers a Great Tie In with Lifebushido and Best Agent Business

As it happens there are some great lessons on the campaign that are in line with Lifebushido philosophy. Barrack Obama, the man inaugurated on January 20th, 2009 as our 44th president, jumpstarted his campaign with contributions from small donors, built an effective database that was used not only for fundraising but by volunteers at all levels of the campaign to garner support, and overcame barriers of race, class, party, and experience to win the presidential election of 2008.

This book has been compiled by Lifebushido - Lifebushido believes Anything is Possible. Lifebushido is building a global network of people working part-time from home with flexible hours using their unique talents. We did this project in 10 days for two reasons:

· As a public service. Politics aside, the inauguration of the current president is a historic event. At the time of the election, the American people perceived that many things crucial to their way of life were under attack and responded to Obama’s vision of a hopeful future. Time will tell whether the new president will be able to implement policies that can effectively improve the economy and confront the many other concerns rocking the nation, but this book of speeches captures many of the hopes for the future shared by the American people at the onset of Barrack Obama’a presidency.
· As a tribute to the relevant marketing techniques used in the campaign. Successful modern political campaigning, requires successful internet strategies and a great database, in addition to time-tested methods of calling and direct mail. Even opponents of the new president concede that his staff more masterfully used technology to solicit funds, volunteers, feedback, and support than his opponents. The fundraising aspect of this effort enabled the candidate to buy more media time, while the finely-honed database enabled volunteers to call targeted lists of voters in the final days before the election. The techniques used in the campaign – starting with the website and email copy compelling enough to solicit response and permit database capture, to the call to action right before the election – are extremely successful.
Same story with the campaign. Barrack Obama, acknowledged by most to be an excellent orator, even as he proves his abilities to lead and govern, was probably not the strategist behind his marketing program. He did not design his database or execute his email campaigns or man the phone bank. Between himself and his foot soldier staff, he had professionals who developed exactly what he needed to get the job done while he was out campaigning.

The Work Plan for Preparing the Book

1. The speech project was initiated by Slate Magazine. See &, Go to Jump In, Click on SLATE’S PEOPLES INAUGURAL ADDRESS to see the original project on Slate Magazine. The MechanicalTurk invitation appears at The project has been mentioned to clients and we are already receiving some positive feedback as well as some speeches. High school newspaper editors were asked to contribute. Ishidos were invited to participate.

2. At the time the entries were captured, there were 123 entries although there are nearly 700 now. An Ishido copied and pasted the majority of these entries into a word doc with a page break in between.

3. An editor reviewed the material and deleted inappropriate speeches, speeches over 3 pages and speeches between 2-3 pages unless they are awesome.

4. We are not doing any editing or changing or content, except for a quick spell check. There will be a disclaimer entered about this fact.

5. A preface was written that credited MixedLink and Slate and the individual who wrote the speeches who will also include Slate and Mturk contributors, High School newspaper editors from the top 50-100 newspapers across the country, Best Agent Business contacts and clients, and Ishidos. The preface includes information about Lifebushido and YRUHRN and what we do.

6. Lifebusido's graphics team has designed a complete ready-for-print cover.

7. The back cover includes a quick summary of where the content has been gathered from and that the book was published in 10 days.

8. A press release has been drafted.

9. The final book will be posted on ( as a free download. The book will also be offered in hardcopy for $14.95 plus shipping.

10. This entire project will be completed in 10-20 hours.

Book Title

The book is currently tiled Yes, You Can: The People’s Inaugural Address Project.

Which title do you like? The following is a list of titles proposed by individuals with Lifebushido and submissions via Mturk. Vote on your top 2 from the list below ( or come up with your own) and send results to

Yes, You Can: Inaugural Speeches from the People

Yes, You Can: The People’s Inaugural Address Project

Simple and Easy
Yes We Can
The Audacity of Hope
Hope You Can Imagine
Obams - Expectatins aroung the World
What American Wants to Hear from Obama
By the People
America's first Blace President andHis Vision
Say It Like Obama
The Dawn of a new Age: Distributed Writing
By the People, For the People
Onleine Change We Can Believe In
Hope's Voice: The World Speaks to Barrack Obama
This is our Moment: Our Speeches for the Future
Obama Says...
No Nonsense Collaboration From We the People
Change: A Universal Consistency That Will Never Change
Yes, We Spoke
Change That's Essential
It's a Public Win


We are currently brainstorming ways to market the book. The ideas we have received so far include:

Include Obama's new official portrait in marketing efforts: http://change.ov/newsroom/entry/new_official_portrait_released/

Start a twitter trend.

Set up a Facebook Page. It could be used to sell copies if the Lifebushido page does not already do so. Ishidos with Facebook pages could throw in a link or mention it on their page.

Create a blog page for copies, audio and video. Ishidos with a blog could mention it with a link.

Utilize You Tube which is an obvious place for audio and video and it can get hits and publicity.

Run a Craigslist ad.

List on

Put an interesting hit on Reddit and link to it. Obama is a hot topic. Be creative with the post to get people to hit on it.

Create an email newsletter.

Purchase ad space.

Send press release to local radio shows for a mention on the morning drive.

Sponsor a quick MTurk project to spred the word via email/postings.

Send an email to all the Ishidos in the database and ask them to help spread the word via email/postings.

Promote on Suggest that moms type up a note for their kids to take to school for their teachers announcing an opportunity to have their students write and record short speeches for youtube. The teachers might even look up some of the Slate speeches and have groups of students read different lines of them as part of history class. The inauguration comes right before Black History Month, so the project might be useful as part of the presentations typical for that month.

We might also suggest on the moms submit the idea to their church newsletters which might publicize the project

Publicize the concept of what we are doing in our newsletters to agents. This seems like a no-brainer – except we would approach it from various angles:
  • We encourage agents to use their unique talents. When they do, they can achieve anything. This has been the theme of the new President’s rhetoric so ties in nicely with our philosophy. Agents can pass along the book we do of Obama’a speeches as a link or in hand copy form to their clients.
  • Agents can also pass along the idea similar to what is noted above for work-at-home-moms in their own newsletters where they can suggest to client working with their kids to develop a short speech, record it on the family camcorder, and maybe even post it on you tube.
Contact local Urban League branches, which have a youth division which might be interested in promoting the project.
Post the project on the Active Rain blogs that we do for agents at no charge that would promote the link to the book download and as family project.

  • Ishido moms: This is also a public service project. Encourage your child aged 6-18 to write their own Obama speech. We may publish it and/or put on as a video.

Do you have any suggestions for a book title? Design ideas? Speech drafts you want included? Creative ideas for what we can do with the ebook?

If so, contact Jennifer Young at or Steve at as soon as possible.

Content is scheduled to be completed by 1/19/09.

A PDF draft of the book is available on this site for your reviews