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This wikipage is all about how Lifebushido uses Wikispaces as its home or main website.
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Last Update: 01/06/15
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Definition of a Wiki:

A wiki is a type of database that allows its users to create and edit pages, present information, collaborate and link to other pages. Wikis make it easy to communicate online and are created for many different reasons - for Lifebushido Wikispaces provides a home and meeting place for people who work with or do business with us. Wikipedia is probably the most well-known Wikispace.

Lifebushido Wikispaces are PUBLIC. Anyone can view these pages, but only people working with Lifebushido can ask to join and when approved, edit Lifebushido wiki pages. Users can edit every page they have been given access to using their preferred web browser. Unlike a regular web site Wiki pages change and evolve with the needs of their users. Wiki editors at Lifebushido are continually trying to improve and correct wiki pages as well as clean out old information.

General Wikis

  • Wiki Overview - How to maneuver around LIfebushido wikispaces, create pages, perform a search and access most common wikis.
  • Lifebushido - Wiki Story - Learn how Lifebushido chose Wikispaces to call its home. Tips & Tricks for searching and finding current information.
  • Wiki Page revert - The steps an organizer can take to revert a wikipage in the event unauthorized changes were made. Only organizers can do this.
  • Wiki Accounts - This page details the steps of signing up for a personal wikispace account which is needed to join Lifebushido's wiki.

Lifebushido Wikis

Team Leader Wikis

Navigating on Wikis

You will find a number of links throughout the text on the Lifebushido wiki pages. These links lead you to related pages and content. The links are set up by the author or editor of the wikipage who is often a team leader or assistant team leader and will often open in a new window, or they may not. How a wiki page is set up is at the discretion of the creator.

Searching on Wiki

A search on wiki is not an internet search. Most wikis offer a search function that will search within the wiki pages contained in that wiki. Lifebushido's wiki search function is simple--just type what you're searching for in the box and hit enter. The results will be a list of wiki pages within the Lifebushido wiki (not the internet).

Creating & Editing Wikis

New Hire Wikilinks


  • Wikispaces Help - Just like any other program, Wikispaces has their own Help section.
    • In upper right hand corner of screen (above the edit bar), where it shows your name and you log in/out, there is a Help. Click on it for more Help options.

Wiki Maintenance

As you review wiki pages, you will note they fall into one of three categories:
  • Orphaned Pages
  • Wikis to Keep
  • Wikis to Review
  • Wikis to Remove

Orphaned Pages
Orphaned pages are wikis that are not linked to another wiki nor is there another wiki linking to this page. It can only be found by a specific search, hence making it useless.
These pages need to be linked to another wiki or removed completely from the Lifebushido wiki directory.

Wikis to Keep
Examples of wikis to keep:

Systems document or other document processes created but have not been linked to appropriate Team page for reference.
Transaction Coordination - Closing Management
Wiki is now linked to:

Wikis to Review
  • Examples of wikis needing reviewed: Technology-Services-Keystrokes – Dated 05-04-10
  • Information or links may need updated, but with minor changes it may still be linked to Technology Team.

Wikis to Remove
Examples of wikis to remove: Key Assistant Trainee Mercedes Castillo Hanvey - Dated 11-12-09
This is a blank wiki.