This page is for teams at Lifebushido and all aspects of Team Management. Team Management Team is the Team that manages Lifebushido Teams.
Version: 03/15/15

  • If you have been hired as a Caller (you have a Caller Tag status) - You may apply for KA/TL Training while working towards your 100 Calling hours; however, KA/TL Training may not interfere with your Calling. If during this time you choose to leave Calling or KA/TL Training interferes in anyway, you will not be able to continue KA/TL Training, as you must retain your active Caller status if hired with Caller tag. If unsure of status, please email and someone will be able to assist
  • If you are not applying to KA/TL Training - You must complete 100 billable hours of Calling work before applying to a non-Calling team. Callers are vital to the work of Lifebushido and once hired must be committed to a minimum of 100 billable hours of Calling.

Lifebushido is run by people working with Lifebushido who are New Hires, Newshidos, and Ishidos. People work on one or more teams and have different roles. Leadership roles include being a Key Assistant or a Team Leader. Overall, about 1/4 of the work is performed by Key Assistants and 3/4 by the people working on Teams. Some Ishidos work in only one role or team and some work on multiple roles and teams.
  • Teams - Wiki Overview - Lifebushido.PDF - a downloadable/printable document containing all teams main wiki pages with links to each of their subpages.
    • A description of each of the teams can be downloaded from at Best Agent Business Team Introductions
    • This document should be used as a general reference item only. It is not current. Please refer to actual Team wikis for current TL's, contact information and updated Team descriptions.

Applying for Jobs
  • Job Openings for Ishidos has an updated list of positions in most demand and details on how to apply to a team. Note that this is not kept current as it should.
  • Lifebushido Teams - Team Recruitingis the most reliable spot for finding job openings - use this one always to see who is hiring and who isn't
    • Note that if you are required to Test for a Team, note that (KATs/TLTs are required to take tests for certain teams)
  • Any tests you take when applying for a team ARE NOT BILLABLE - unless noted by TL who will give you a client to bill.
  • You may not apply to more than 3 teams and should never apply to a team that's full. If you wish to apply to more than 3 teams, contact Steve Kantor to request approval.

Rate Your Response
  • We use the 360 Review principle at Lifebushido, where we learn and improve by rating each other.
  • When you apply to a team, you should get a response within one business day. If you don't get a response, wait 3 days and apply again.
  • After one week, please send an email to with the subject "Team Rating" and rate the teams you applied to as follows:
    • A = Quick responses to emails with clear communication, team wiki was easy to follow, any testing instructions were clear and easy to follow;
    • B = The communication, team wiki and/or test were not clear and easy to follow (please describe);
    • C = You received no response from the team to your application.

Pages for Team Management

Lifebushido Teams
The following are a list of Lifebushido Teams, primary team email for both clients and Ishidos, and the person who is currently Team Leader. We also have an evolving database of Teams with more details.
  • Lifebushido Teams - Teams Ishido List. This list will give you a complete list of teams, team leaders, and any job openings available within that team.
    • The link above is the one you want to use in order to see what teams are hiring and for what positions. Below is just a reference for the teams we have and current Tls.

Systems Group:

People Group:

Teams - Lifebushido Internal

Teams - Team Leaders Needed
  • If you are interested in applying to be a team leader, visit Talent - Leader Survey and follow directions to apply.
  • Note if there is a team of interest in which you are applying

Teams - Teams on Pause