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Welcome to Lifebushido! We want to thank you for your interest and hope you enjoy our one-of-a kind hiring process. This wiki is designed to walk you through the steps needed in order to apply to one of our Teams including our current Fast Hiring Teams - Closing & Marketing.

Lifebushido only wants to hire people who want more than a job. You should spend time checking us out and some of our creative and social entrepreneurial projects to see if we are a cultural fit with you before applying. Lifebushido seeks individuals who want to work in a supportive environment, are open to doing things a little differently and enjoy helping others. Our hiring process is like no other.

Lifebushido Wikipage is our home page where you can learn a lot about Lifebushido.

NOTE: If at any time you have questions please email them to us at We will be more than happy to answer or clarify anything for you.
Use a Subject line: Recruit Question - FirstName LastName (Example: Recruit Question - Wendy Bingaman). This helps us when sorting our emails and reduces the odds of your email being filtered as Spam.

How to Apply

1. Review these three wikis for FAQs. It is highly advisable to review these wikis to get answers to most of your questions. If you have a question not addressed on our wikis, please email them to Your initial interview is very limited.

2. Sign up for our Recruit email series at (Click on 'Jobs' tab and send a blank email to the aweber email address to opt in.)

3. Complete your Lifebushido Job Application. Visit our QuickBase wiki at for the job application and instructions on how to complete it.

4. Create a FREE QuickBase account. Create your Recruit record attaching your resume and Lifebushido Job Application. You must complete this in one sitting as you can not make any changes to your record after it is saved. Once hired, you will be given access and able to make changes. Visit our QuickBase wiki at for instructions.

5. Visit our Triangle wiki at Get a jump start by posting your information.
  • If you choose not to accept a position with Lifebushido or Lifebushido does not hire you for one of these Fast Hire roles, you can always remove your information.
  • However, our Triangles are not limited to Lifebushido employees. It is open to anyone and is a great way to meet people!
  • Triangles are required by Lifebushido. To be considered you must either be in a Triangle or signed up to be in a forming Triangle. Only individuals who successfully complete the initial 30-day Triangle are considered eligible for hire.
6. Submit a 1 Minute Voice Test. Call 803-810-1573 and leave a 1 minute voice mail using the following script:
  • Name (Your first name, last name, spelling of last name) – Date and Time
    • Providing great service over the telephone is a tough job. But your speech and voice can open opportunities to you when used correctly during conversations. When speaking, be sure to pronounce your words carefully while using a pleasant tone to show your emotions in the conversation. While communicating with others, ask yourself if you are speaking effectively and conveying the message clearly to the other party. For instance, when you’re asking a question, you can use your voice and tone to show your interest in the answer. So be sure while you are speaking, that the sound of your voice is pleasant and you are speaking clearly and using words effectively.
  • Write down the date and time of your Voice Test and include it in your email.
  • Voice Tests are automatically sent to us. We will match up your voice test based upon your recorded date and time.

7. Complete personality profiles. We use personality profiles and questions to help us better help you. At this time, only the DISC personality profile is required and the others are optional. However, the more you complete, the better we will be able to assist you during your initial interview. If you are hired, the optional profiles will then be required.

8. Apply. Send an email to with the following information:
  • Use Subject Line: Applying as a Lifebushido Assistant - YourFirstName YourLastName
  • In the body of your email, copy and paste the Interview Questions below into your email along with your answers.
  • Attach your DISC I profile and any other personality profile results you completed. Attachment should be in Word or PDF format.
  • Attach your resume and completed Lifebushido Job Application.Attachments should be in Word or PDF format.

9. Send your email.

10. Congratulations! We will respond shortly with instructions on scheduling your initial interview.

Interview Questions

Copy the information below and paste it in your Apply email. Make sure to complete and answer all questions.

Your Name:
Your Location and Time zone:
Your Phone:
Your Email:
Top 2-3 Team Choices from list below:
Initial Here to acknowledge you have reviewed our FAQ wikis:
Date & Time of Voice Test:

Lifebushido General Questions

Lifebushido Team Specific Questions
  • Are you experienced with social media posting?
    • If so, what forms or places?
  • Are you experienced with website work?
    • If so, briefly explain what web design experience you have.
  • Do you write and/or blog?
  • Do you have any experience with Real Estate?
    • If so, briefly explain.
  • Are you able to schedule calls with clients and keep a calendar?
  • Do you have unlimited long distance?
    • If not, please reapply once this has been obtained.
  • Do you have a zero noise background available when making calls?
    • If not, please reapply once this requirement has been met.
  • All positions with Lifebushido have daily and weekly calling times required of each person. If you are unable to complete calls during these hours, please reapply once this requirement is achievable.
    • In your time zone, are you able to make outgoing calls between 8:00 am and 8:30 pm?
    • If not what hours are you available Monday through Sunday?

Fast Hiring Teams:
Here is a quick overview of our Fast Hiring Team process with the details described below.
1. Sign up for our Recruit email series.
2. Complete Lifebushido Job Application.
3. Create a QuickBase account. (This is our version of an Applicant Tracking System.)
4. Complete all requested items.
5. Apply by emailing requested items to
6. You will receive an email with interview instructions.
7. Schedule initial interviews. During the initial interviews, you are not interviewing for any particular Team. This interview is the first step in interviewing for LIfebushido as a whole and to answer any questions you may have.
8. Initial hiring recommendation is determined. This will determine if a Driver Call interview will occur, secondary interview with Team's TL or Team testing will take place.