Recruit - Current Needs

This is summary page of Lifebushido recruiting current needs and hiring status. It is the best place to look every few months if you are seeking to get hired and never finished applying or were declined in the past.
Version: 7/3/2009

  • Create a system so Lifebushido can identify and hire more people to fill specific current needs
  • Create a system so Lifebushido can identify and hire people who have potential for Management Team
  • Create a system so that the 90% of job applicants who are declined a job position have multiple ways to make their skills known and get their foot in the door through other means with Lifebushido to join the company.

Roles at Lifebushido
  • USA - a person who is in the USA
  • Global - a person who is living outside the USA. We have both USA and Global Ishidos
  • Turkshido - someone working for Lifebushido via Amazon's Mturk
  • Newshido - a newly hired person at Lifebushido who has worked 0-100 hours
  • Ishido - a person working with Lifebushido who is over 100 hours and passed their 100 hour review
  • Management Team - currently about 10 of 60 Ishidos who manage the company by being a Key Assistant who works directly and manages a few clients or a Team Leader who manages 5-20 Ishidos on a functional team

Everyone can start working today for Lifebushido
Everyone can become a Turkshido today and be hired by Lifebushido. This is new as of July 2009.
See Join Amazon's Mturk for free, start to work on Lifebushido HITs.
After you have completed and been approved on 10 or more Lifebushido HITs, ask to join the Turkshido wiki and then contact us via Mturk via requestor module with your name and we will review your job application again for possibly becoming a Newshido.

Current Needs
Even if you were declined in the past, we have current needs and you can revise your job application. If you are 100% sure you want to do the following and you would be excellent in this job, then follow steps to apply or reapply.
  • Review Current Needs below. If there is a fit, you should apply/reapply.
  • Add/edit your job application as noted below. Be sure to choose Special Code listed below
  • Email your resume and job application essay to and note Special Code you are applying for in email and describe why you would be good for that position. You will get a reply and decision within one week.
  • Current Needs - Special Codes
    • Website - website design skills on either template level or advanced level
    • Graphics - graphics design experience for design of postcards, flyers, advertisements, brochures
    • Management Team - experience of 3 or more years managing 10 or more people in full-time business and desire to grow to Management Team with Lifebushido
    • Computer Science - excellent at database, coding, and other technical web services
    • MBA - MBA degree from a top 50 MBA graduate program
    • Caller - phone caller for warm lead calling for Best Agent Business and for our clients
    • Salesperson - sales caller who is sharp enough to close sales. Some Callers graduate to Salesperson.
    • Key Assistant - primary contact with clients organizing work with clients and talking to clients
    • Management Team - a leader who wants to manage 10-100 Ishidos for a Team or Venture

Job Application
  • If you never completed the Lifebushido Job Application on QuickBase, then see to finish your steps to apply.
  • If you had applied before, and want to have your information reviewed because you are a fit with Current Needs, then edit your job application at QuickBase using the People Working with Lifebushido database: It is important to change Special Code to one of the Current Needs above and also complete all fields unless you cannot understand a field. If you do not complete all relevant fields, you are very unlikely to get hired.