Obama - Ishido Actions to Help

This page is for action items for Ishidos to help with Obama Speech project. Any Ishido can spend up to 1 hour of billable time on project. Any other time spent is optional and not billable since this is a creative project with no revenue.

For now, send this link to people to get copy of book: http://lifebushido.wikispaces.com/Mturk+HIT+Details and this link http://www.lulu.com/content/5730187.

  • Have your child 6-18 possibly write a speech to include in final edition
  • Have your child do video to post to YouTube reading one of the short speeches
  • Blog: If you have a blog, write about this on blog.
  • Add ideas to this page under Discussion tab.
  • Mention on your Facebook or MySpace page
  • Share with friends

Connections Wanted
If you have any of the following connections, please email Steve ASAP with details and he will tell you what you can do to help:
  • Active in Obama campaign and registered with his site so you could spread word to key leaders in various cities and states who organized Meet Ups and may like this idea and draft book.
  • Slate Magazine: Anyone you personally know at Slate.
  • Political bloggers: Any major political blogger you know, please forward them a copy of draft PDF and CC me.
  • CNN: Any contacts as idea to post people reading speeches for IReports.