Mturk HIT Details

This page is for details on how to do HITs posted on from Lifebushido - Contact
Look for HIT title in alphabetical order below for HIT details.
If you are looking for more HITs from Lifebushido, just search MTurk for 'Lifebushido.' If you have any creative thoughts of some related HITs we should post or want to discuss some ideas, just email us. Remember....Anything is Possible.

Coffee Stories - Marketing Ideas for Book/Movie/Other
Read some of the coffee stories collect so far: Coffee Stories - Lifebushido.pdf
This is a 10 page PDF file. You may forward to friends if you find it interesting.

Obama Inauguration Speech - The People's Inaugural Address Project
Read draft book of over 100 speeches submitted as of 1/15/2009: Obama Inauguration Speech - Lifebushido.pdf
Please forward PDF or link to this page to friends if you find it interesting.