This page is for Lifebushido Management overview of Management Team, Teams, and Key Assistants. The Management Team is MT, a Team Leader is TL, a Key Assistant is KA. This page is managed by Steve.
Version: 3/25/10


Management Structure
This is vision for future management structure at 100+ clients. This was written in March 2010 by Steve at about 50 clients.
  • Drivers: Steve will interact mainly with Drivers who are driving growth of the company forward in key areas.
    • Ishidos: Talent, Triangles
    • Sales: Sales, Marketing
    • Clients: Key Assistants, Teams, Calling
  • Team Leaders: There will be 15-20 teams and there will be a Team Leader of Teams who manages the 15-20 teams.
  • Key Assistants: There will be roughly 1 Key Assistant for every 3-4 clients so 25-30 Key Assistants for 100 clients. Key Assistants will be organized into teams of 10-15 Key Assistants based on market segment such as Best Agent Business, Lifebushido, and Diamond.
  • Ishidos: Ishidos are over 100 hours and applied/accepted as Ishido
  • Newshidos: Newshidos are New Hires at 0-100 hours.

Ishidos at Lifebushido
This is overview of organizational structure at Lifebushido.
  • Drivers: Drivers report to Steve and push Steve, themselves, and teams to drive Lifebushido forward to our goal of 1,000 clients and 1,000 Ishidos as quick as possible. Drivers have a daily 5-10 minute call with Steve to keep things moving forward fast.
  • Project Leaders: Project Leaders are Ishidos who like the challenge of total ownership of a project and making it happen. A Project Leader may work solo or work with a small project team of 1-10 Ishidos. Project Leaders are good at organizing and leveraging resources creatively. A Project Leader must be able to spend 5 hours per week on a project. Project Leaders have exposure to Steve and Management Team to become Team Leaders or Drivers.
  • Team Leaders: Team Leaders run the 15-20 teams at Lifebushido. A team provides specific services to clients or internal Lifebushido needs such as Database Management, Lead Management, Calling, etc.
  • Key Assistants: Key Assistants are the primary client contact to work with and manage clients.
  • Team Experts: A Team Expert is someone who focuses primarily on a single team and enjoys doing the work and improving the overall team but does not have current desire/time/skill mix to become a Team Leader.
  • Ishidos: Everyone working with Lifebushido for more than 100 hours of paid work is eligible to apply to become an Ishido. This is currently about 40 people.
  • Newshidos: Everyone hired to work with Lifebushido starts as a Newshido. This is usually about 10-20 people in process.
  • Turkshidos: Everyone who has completed work for Lifebushido via Amazon's Mturk is a Turkshido. There are over 10,000 Turkshidos. However, only about 50-100 know that they are a Turkshido.
  • Recruits: Everyone who inquires about a job at Lifebushido and opts-in for our job application process is a Recruit. There are over 2,000 recruits.
  • People Aware of Lifebushido: Everyone else who is not in a category above who knows about Lifebushido are the People Aware of Lifebushido. This includes friends, family of Ishidos, people on job boards who have run into Lifebushido, and others. We are unsure how many people are aware of Lifebushido.

Always use your best judgment

  • Create a tight Management Team of Team Leaders and Key Assistants to grow Lifebushido
  • Develop total confidence in Teams and Key Assistants among entire Management Team
  • Create solid mentor system to develop new TLs and KAs
  • Provide an overview of management structure of Lifebushido
  • Provide links to Team and Key Assistant pages
  • Provide guidance for Management Team

Management Team Guidance
The Management Team of Lifebushido is composed of Team Leaders, Key Assistants, and other selected Ishidos.
As of 4/27/2009, there are about 5 Team Leaders and 6 Key Assistants.
  • Always use your best judgement
  • If anyone on the Management Team is not communicating with you at guidance level, inform them directly of your concerns. Give them two chances to improve, and then raise issues with Steve directly.
  • Be responsive:
    • All emails Mon-Fri should be replied to within one business day, by midnight of the following day. An email received on Sat/Sun should be replied to by end of Monday, an email on Thursday by the end of Friday.
    • If possible, try to reply to emails by Sunday evening or Monday morning that were received on Friday onwards after you stopped work.
  • Be helpful and proactive:
    • Take charge and take responsibility.
    • When in doubt of whether you are responsible, take charge and take responsibility and/or sort out ASAP.
  • Communicate clearly:
    • Keep emails clear and specific.
    • Make clear what is the next action to be taken by you, the client, or by other Ishidos.
  • Resolve communication issues promptly:
    • Resolve issues without involving Steve as much as possible.
    • Pick up the phone as needed and call KA/TL, other Ishidos, or the client.
    • Involve Sherilyn as need to brainstorm or sort out any issues between KA/TL on any level including interpersonal communication.
  • Raise Red Flags immediately with Steve as needed:
    • If you are concerned about anything being done by an Ishido or a client which is not in Lifebushido's best interests on a business or ethical level, raise the issue with Steve immediately.
    • Steve will discuss possible next steps and confidentiality will be maintained.
    • If there is anything happening on any level which you think Steve would have an issue with, it is a Red Flag and raise it ASAP with Steve.