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This page is the Lead Management Team home wiki. It contains any and all applicable Lead Management information.
Version 08/24/2017

Lead Management

Team Overview

The goal of Lifebushido and Best Agent Business is to help grow our client's business. Our clients' leads are the lifeblood of their business.
We help keep clients organized and up-to-date by providing a crucial service of maintaining their leads and databases.
  • Lead Management Team consists of capturing our clients' leads and keeping their database organized.
  • Subgroup Agent Management is designed to hold clients and their agents accountable for working their leads.
  • Subgroup Weekly Lead Reports (WLR) are reports sent to Clients weekly as a tracking tool for their leads and progress.

Team Contacts

Team Leader

Raquel Martin
Lead Management

Lead Inbox

Mildred Lim - Oversees the processing and management of the Lead Inbox, including client audits, monthly maintenance of the Lead Inbox and folders.

Lavern Edwards - Assist Lead Inbox
Weekly Lead Reports

Mildred Lim - Ensures Clients reports are sent weekly as a tracking tool for their leads and progress.

Rita Tuhairwe and Mildred Lim - Train and Mentor new Lead Management Assistants
Client Kickoffs:

KA's - Handle aspects of Client Kickoff's.

Kristin Dolinar

Lead Management Assistant (LMA)

Rita Tuhairwe - Wednesday,Thursday, Friday

Yang Wu - Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Tannu Mohamedy - Monday, Wednesday, Thursday

Uma Thangavel - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Nancy Enoy - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Mildred Lim - Saturday, Sunday, Monday

Lifebushido Lead Management Wikis

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Training Calls for Lead Management

Please listen to the training calls below:

Recruiting and Training Pages:

Best Agent Business Lead Management Wikis - Pages to Give to Clients

Lead Management Team Information

Subgroup - Agent Management Information

Subgroup - Weekly Lead Reports

Lead Management - Weekly Lead Reports
  • Weekly Lead Reports (WLR) - You will be connected with Mildred Lim, subgroup leader, who will assign you a client and walk you through where to find the necessary information and deadlines, etc.
  • Once your first client's reports are being processed correctly, you will then be assigned more clients.
  • WLR Quickbase Instructions.docx
    WLR Quickbase Instructions.docx
  • WLR Quickbase Instructions.docx

Action Items for Team

  • Let TL know if you need to take leave. We will find a replacement - please give at least a weeks notice.
  • Check the Wiki and your Email OFTEN! TL sends out many updates by email. Thanks!

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