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Created 11/15/2009 - Updated July 20, 2010

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I would like to share with you an overview of the key assistant roles at Lifebushido. You can then decide whether you want to apply for the position and progress more rapidly if you are currently in the key assistant trainee process.

What is the key assistant?
A key assistant is the primary client-facing role at Best Agent Business in Lifebushido. Best Agent Business handles all real estate related clients. Lifebushido handles the non-real estate related clients.

You are the primary point of contact for clients. You will typically manage anywhere from two to six clients typically five to six clients assuming that you are working perhaps 20 hours per week. By managing the clients it means that you’re responsible for speaking to them on a scheduled weekly call for 30 minutes and emailing back and forth in coordinating resources with the various team leaders at the company to get work done.

Overall if a client is roughly 50 hours per month you will probably do maybe 10 to 15 hours per month of that work and all the work rest is done by other Ishidos.

Why would you want to be a key assistant?
A couple of things; you potentially want to be a key assistant in order to achieve your perfect job at Lifebushido and to have a challenge and opportunity for growth in variety of ways.

Your Perfect Job. The fastest way for you to achieve your perfect job at Lifebushido is to work towards becoming a key assistant, team leader or in a management team role. The reason for that is the people who get the most work are the people at the management team level. Management team level basically has more work then they can handle. They get their ideal amount of hours whether they want 10, 15, 20, 25 hours a week of work. If you are key assistant or team leader you pretty much can achieve that. Focusing on your unique talent by achieving your perfect job, means not doing tasks that you don’t like doing or that you are not good at and spend more time doing the work that you do like. So for example, if as a key assistant you basically get the type of work that you wanted to do for a client.

Challenge. Being the key assistant is a challenge as you are at a nexus between the person who is managing all the clients and the key assistant team leader. The clients pay our paychecks and that’s the person whom we have to deliver the goods for. The teams actually do the majority of the work and the Ishidos who are doing work on the teams. It’s very much a coordinating management role. You coordinate with client services as well. So it’s a challenge to learn a lot.

Opportunity. Being a key assistant is a perfect opportunity for growth. In the long run as the company grows once key assistants max out with the certain number of clients and achieve a certain number of key assistant points they will have the ability to acquire and mentor other key assistants to grow the book of business of clients that all started with them. In the long run, there will be an upside on compensation for that type of growth and opportunity.

Skills Needed: To be a key assistant you must be organized, you must be very professional and responsive in e-mails. You must have a pleasant and easy-to-talk-to phone voice. You must enjoy talking to people on the phone. So basically for 10 hours of work you will be on the phone talking to clients 3 of those 10 hours would be my guess. You must love helping people. You must like solving problems, must enjoy making things better through kaizen and improving systems and you must be excellent at evaluating, improving and building written systems documentation.

Some final thoughts....

As you can guess this role is not for many people. In the same way that maybe only one in ten stay at home moms really wanted to do calling or telemarketing or sales work. Our experience has shown that only about one in ten Ishidos have both the desire and the skills to become a key assistant. We will help to evaluate whether it makes sense or not. So for example, if you are not sure whether it’s good fit with you just start the application process interview with Melissa, interview with Steve into the first week worth of tasks and if you don’t think it’s a fit no big deal just tell us that you don’t think key assistant trainee is a fit. It’s better to find that out earlier or hours then later.

Also, if you want to walk away from being a key assistant after your first client or two realize this not a fit for you that’s okay. Just tell us, so we can back you out of the situation and assign somebody else to be a key assistant. If you become a key assistant trainee please understand that you are under intense evaluation by probably ten different Ishidos on the management team in various ways and we are evaluating your performance over the first month from obviously what the client say about you and many client even interact with but also with the management team Ishidos evaluate you for on different levels. So for example in your first month we literally may rate you on ten different criteria to see how you are doing so far. This is a good thing not a bad thing; the object is to move people faster forward.

Overall I want to emphasize something; Lifebushido which has currently about 50 Ishidos or whether in a few years we are at 1000 Ishidos, is going to be unique among companies. Any Ishido who is hired can move up as best as possible and within 100 days of being with Lifebushido typically could be at the top levels of the management even with 1000 Ishidos, so let that be a lesson you can move up very quickly, no matter when you start.

Thank you!

Steve Kantor