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Team Overview

Key Assistants (also known as KA's) are known as the "face" of the company. Although your client(s) may never actually see your face, you will be their "go to" person for all needs and wants within the company. The main duties of a Key Assistant are to speak with each of their clients at least once per week, update weekly client agendas, maintain client budgets and delegate the client's work to the correct team within Best Agent Business. We ensure deadlines are met, work is satisfactory and that the client is happy! Key Assistants play a very important role in helping our clients understand Best Agent Business as a whole and exactly how each of our various teams work.

As with all jobs within Lifebushido, the Key Assistant role is flexible. However, since Key Assistant's work directly with the client it is essential that you are available during normal business hours (8:00 - 5:00 EST). We normally recommend either a chunk of hours (for example 8:00-1:00/9:00-2:00) OR a few hours in the morning and a few hours in the afternoon. With this being said, we do not typically hire individuals that have full-time jobs or those that are full-time students if they are not available to the extent that they can maintain flexible hours. Also, although we are a "family friendly" company you will need to have a completely noise-free background during ALL of your calls with clients in order to maintain professionalism.

Key Assistants work a minimum of 10 hours, but no more than 25 hours per week depending on the number of clients they have. As you may have guessed, the amount of work a Key Assistant does is based on the number of clients the Key Assistant has. It's estimated that for each $495 client, a Key Assistant will get about 1-2 hours of work per week. For larger subscriptions the work load may be more. Since Key Assistants normally delegate about 80% of a client's work, it can take anywhere from 3-4 months to achieve 20-25 hours/week when just working on the Key Assistant Team. If you find that you need to have immediate hours from the start and you will only be working on the Key Assistant Team, this position may not be the position for you. However, most Key Assistants also work with other Teams in order to increase the amount of hours they work each week and find that they are both successful and happy with their hour mix.

Traits/Skills of a GREAT Key Assistant:

  • Outgoing and friendly personality
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Determined
  • Diplomatic
  • Persuasive
  • Tactful
  • Independent
  • Resourceful
  • Patience
  • Motivated
  • Self-starter and Go-Getter
  • Persistence
  • The ability to deal with many different personality types
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Follows directions, policies and procedures
  • Problem solver
  • Enjoys helping others
  • Works well with both clients and fellow Ishidos

If you feel that you would be a good fit for our Team and are ready to have a fun and exciting job that will keep you engaged and on your toes, send in your application following the steps below. We look forward to hearing from you!

To apply

These steps must be followed correctly in order to be considered for an interview for the position.
  • To be eligible for a position as a Key Assistant you must have 2 full months working/training on one of LB core teams - Calling, Marketing, Closing.
    • You must have an A rating from your mentor of your current team to be eligible.
    • Recruits are not eligible to apply as a Key Assistant.
  • Send an email following these guidelines:
    • Subject: Applying for a Position on the Key Assistant Team at Lifebushido
    • Attachments: Your resume & your Lifebushido Job Application Essay
    • In the body of the email include
      • The date and time of your 1 Minute Voice Test and include the phone number which was used for the Voice Test.
      • The questions below along with your answers.
  • GLOBALS - Thank you for your interest in the Key Assistant position. It is required that any global must achieve 100 hours before applying for the position. If you are interested and have worked the required 100 hours, it is mandatory that you have international calling and a clear phone voice.

Email Guidelines
Please copy & paste the following questions into your email and answer them
  • When was your Lifebushido hire date?
  • What triangle did you participate in and what was your role?
  • What team are currently working on and when did you start?
  • Who is your primary mentor with BAB?
  • How would former bosses/co-workers/etc. describe your verbal and written communication skills?
  • Out of 100%, what percent of the time are you likely to be a leader and what percent are you likely to be a follower?
  • Are you working any other jobs? What are they? How many hours a week do you work there? What are the hours?
  • What is it that interests you in the Key Assistant Position?
  • What unique talent/skill do you think you have that will assist you in being a successful Key Assistant?
  • Are you proficient with “standard” computer skills (ie. Email, Microsoft Office, research abilities, etc.)?
  • What was your favorite part of your last job? What was your least favorite part of your last job?
  • How many hours per week are you looking to work TOTAL for Lifebushido?
  • Are you able to use the phone during business hours with a noise-free background?

Do 1 Minute Voice Test.
  • Call 803-810-1573 and leave a 1 minute voice mail which should include the following elements:
  • Your first name, last name, spelling of last name, city and state.
  • Please state what teams you are currently working on and when you were hired by LB
  • State why we should consider hiring you as a Key Assistant.
  • Your recorded voice mail is reviewed by our Talent Team to then be considered for a phone interview.
  • Write down the Date and Time of your Voice Test for including at the BEGINNING of your emails.

What can I expect once I have sent in my application and resume?
  • Once your email, application, resume and voice test are received, the Key Assistant TL will review all of your information and it will be determined if you will be interviewed.
  • If you are chosen to have an interview, you will be contacted by the KA TL to schedule an interview. The interview will take about 15-30 minutes.
  • If you are in fact hired by Key Assistant, you will receive an email giving you the instructions on how and when to start training!
  • Key Assistant Training is a 4 week self-guided training. You will have a mentor throughout training that will be there to help you and answer your questions.

Prepare for the Interview

Typical Day for Key Assistant
Key Assistant Trainee Overview From Steve Kantor
Key Assistant Trainee Overview

Key Assistant Testimonials:

"I enjoy teaching and leading others. I believe I was given a certain higher degree of patience that was meant to be used to help others. Being a Team Leader allows me to work with a lot of different people, learn new aspects of the industry, and also keeps me from doing tedious task work that can make life really boring for me."

"I have a talent for patience and persistence in finding resolutions to problems and concerns people have. I put this talent to work as Key Assistant. Being a KA allows me both flexibility and structure during the day and week. I am able to support clients and figure out how to best help them meet their business needs."

"I enjoy helping others and solving problems. I found the Key Assistant role the perfect position to use this unique talent. I have a variety of clients, which keeps my life interesting and never boring!"

"I have worked with real estate agents for many years in my own business and being a Key Assistant for Best Agent Business gives me the opportunity to use my knowledge from the comfort of my home. I like being challenged, it keeps life interesting. Organization, problem solving, time management, customer service and being a self starter are all great skills to have as a Key Assistant. Love my job."

"Lifebushido is a great place to work. Working here has allowed me to discover my unique talent while I stay at home and watch my kids grow and learn. Being a Key Assistant allows you to learn the company inside and out as well as work with a variety of clients with different types of personalities. The Key Assistant position helped me improve on my management skills and grow as a person.The best part of working here is that I get to solve problems and help ensure our clients are satisfied. I enjoy all the people I work with and I enjoy learning something new everyday."

"Being a Key Assistant has been great! The position is perfect for those who like a challenge and variety versus the same old same old. Having direct communication with the clients and helping them better their business is what I like the best. I thrive on helping others and the KA role, Mentoring and TL has offered that to the fullest!"

"As a Key Assistant I work with a variety of brilliant real estate entrepreneurs to provide them a variety of services that help their business grow. Best Agent Business becomes an agent's right hand and removes daily tasks that bog them down, so that each agent gets back to doing what they do best - selling homes. I am proud to represent some of the best real estate agents in the country and be a contributing factor in their success."

"There are several reasons that I like being a key assistant. You get to talk to actual clients. Your schedule is yours to plan as you wish. There are several different services of which Best Agent Business offers, so you are not stuck in providing one particular service. As a key assistant, if you want to learn more about a certain team and pick up extra hours, you can do so. As a key assistant, I recommend doing work for at least one other team at one given time. Not only will you learn what that team does, but you can also provide a better service to your client by knowing the exact process of how services are rendered through that particular team.

Take calling for instance. I had a client that was having trouble understanding our calling process and procedures. So I could better serve that client, I joined the calling team just so I could learn it, do it, and be able to explain when and how calling client leads is done in detail. Not only did I sound like I knew what I was talking about, but turns out, I like it. Not only could I discuss and teach my client how the service is done in its entirety, and I was able to pick up extra clients and extra hours. So just because you are a key assistant, doesn't mean your imagination stops there. You can also use your unique talents in other areas of the company.

Being a key assistant is not always flowers and rainbows, but it gives me a sense of satisfaction knowing that I helped that client in some way to be more successful in their business ventures."

"I love my job as a Key Assistant because it allows me to work closely with the clients to make sure they are completely happy with services. I love the family type feel of BAB & LB. While we have jobs to do we can also support each other personally as well. We also have an amazing leader in Steve, all the Team Leads, all the team members, well everyone. I cannot imagine finding a job that is more perfect for me. I love the flexibility."

"Being a Key Assistant to our Best Agent Business clients is an incredibly rewarding job. I love assisting them with growing their business by the services we provide and I also love the rapport I am able to establish with each of them. My role as Key Assistant also gives me the opportunity to work with many other Ishidos and get to know each of them which helps me to feel more connected to the company as part of a great team of people! I am exposed to all of our teams and the work they do which teaches me so much and helps me strengthen my abilities to assist my clients.

When my clients are successful in reaching their goals, I feel that I am successful in reaching mine as well."

"The things I enjoy most about being a Key Assistant are interaction with the clients, the ability to be of service to them and that satisfied feeling you get from knowing you have just helped someone who really needed it. I look forward to my weekly calls with the clients and find that if we miss a call one week, I actually feel disappointed because I am interested in how their business is progressing and want to know what I can do to help. Being a KA is rewarding and satisfying and I encourage everyone to give it a try!"

A view from Key Assistant ATLs:

As a key assistant you are responsible for delegating work from the client to the appropriate team or teams. Your job is to ensure that everything is completed to the client's standards and oversee all activity on the account. The Key Assistant is responsible for enforcing TURN. Ensuring the client is happy and willing to provide a testimonial of services for Best Agent Business. You are responsible for setting and monitoring the clients budget. As a KA you have to continuously show the client that their relationship with BAB is valuable and how it would benefit them to upgrade their subscription to utilize more services. In order to achieve the testimonial and upgrade goal the Key assistant has to be proactive and diligent enough to avoid retention issues and/ or find a solution to retain the client and ensure all future issues are prevented. Building a relationship with the client will provide an opportunity to focus on networking. Networking can be achieved by promoting communicating between the client and Steve and ensuring the clients is proud to share their experience with other people in their circle. {Cierra Ford - Hyper Harry TL/ Mentor}

The Key Assistant (KA) with Lifebushido can best be described as a “Project Manager”. Although the KA does not do all of the actual work, he/she is responsible for making sure that the correct team is doing the correct work by setting the budget for the team and informing the teams of the client’s needs. The KA needs to build a relationship with the client in order to be able to anticipate needs, sense when something is not going well and to find the best way to communicate – both with the client and with the teams – in order to make sure work progresses well. [Lynda Viken - Calm Cathy Mentor]

When someone asks me what I do, I usually respond that I help manage clients and their work flow. I facilitate the communication between the teams that do the work and client who needs it completed. I am the go-between, if you will, that helps to "get it done." I also consult with the client to ensure we are doing all we can for them and that we stay on track with budgeted hours and project completion times. The client needs to know you are their assistant in making in their lives easier. [Amber Good - Client Success Team TL]

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