This page is for anyone who wants to apply for work with Lifebushido, in process of applying, or already applied but not hired. If you have any questions which are not addressed on these pages, email

  • Lifebushido was started in 2006. As of August 2010, we have had over 3,000 people around the world inquire for a job with Lifebushido, hired about 150. We are very selective and hire less than 1 in 10 job applicants.
  • We had about 80 people on payroll recently working from 5 to 100+ hours during the month.
  • We seek to create The Perfect Job and find the perfect people to work with Lifebushido.

Recruit Overview - 7/30/14
Following, are the 3 intro pages for recruits inquiring about a job with Lifebushido.


Want to get an insider view on working at Lifebushido?
Read What They're Saying - Here is an actual article written about working for Lifebushido from one of our Talent Team members

Here are helpful hints:
  • To apply for a job, see www.lifebushido.comand follow directions
  • If you started that process but want to restart, just start over from the top to get new series of emails. Just start the process of applying for a job from scratch at the main Lifebushido website.
  • If you started process, but did not yet apply, and need another copy of directions of online database job application, see:
  • The online database job application (in Quickbase) is critical. We cannot review or hire you without that complete. Here is a tutorial to get you set up with QuickBase (the database you'll be using to input data and apply for a job) Quickbase 101.pdf
  • If you were referred to Lifebushido by someone who knows you, after you have completed your online application, you may request that they email Steve and CC you with any comments about how they know you and the quality of your work. Referrals are only relevant from Ishidos who are willing to put their reputation at Lifebushido on the line to suggest that you are hired. We take referrals very seriously.
  • If you applied and have not received a hiring decision, see your job application in the online database. If it says Apply, you are still being considered and will hear by 10th of month with our monthly hiring system.
  • If you applied and were declined, your job application may say Applied - Declined. We have hired at least 5 people who were originally declined but ultimately reconsidered and hired. We have a process for Jobs - Applying for a Second Shot.
  • If you have a question which is not answered above, see our Jobs FAQs

People who are hired and work for Lifebushido are called Ishidos. You may enjoy some Ishido Web Pages of a few Ishidos and a sense of their work for Lifebushido.

Anything is Possible. :)