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Job Openings

Applying for a Job
  • Your first step is to visit Recruit - Initial Interview Steps and follow instructions for applying.
  • If you need additional instructions or help, email us at

Lifebushido Teams
  • Lifebushido is organized into about 10-20 Teams.
  • Some of the Teams have Fast Hiring roles which are more in demand for recruiting new hires.
  • Selective hiring Teams are just that...Selective. These Teams are slower to hire as they need individuals with certain criteria to fill their openings, are looking for the highest testing results and likely searching for someone with experience.
  • See list of all Teams and hiring status: Lifebushido Teams - Team Recruiting. You will need to login with your QuickBase account to view list.
  • See an overview of Teams and services provided to clients at This page is for our real estate clients and describe services we provide. It will give you a feel for some of the work we do.

Fast Hiring - 7/25/2016
These are the current roles with Fast Hiring. If you apply, you will be interviewed and given a YES/NO decision within 10 days.