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This is Steve's favorite list of best Ishido pages to visit, learn from, and use...remember Anything is Possible!
Version: 02/07/13 by Steve.

I started this page of Ishido Best Pages to provide a quick reference for Ishidos. Add your own suggestions for my review at the bottom. Enjoy!




  • Clients – Hyper Harry: It is time. I want to increase investment in resources to figure out how to help and succeed with Hyper Harry ADHD clients at a much higher level. We are going to invest thousands of dollars to solve this puzzle. See and add your name if interested. If you already added your name or add your name, join driver call next week to discuss potential role. I am going to be seeking either a Triangle or Circle to lead the effort, and/or 1-3 KA or CS Ishidos.
  • Clients – Rockstar Rick: We are starting new Billion Dollar Agent book and other efforts led by Kelly Welch. See Out of our 100+ clients, about 10 are going to be eligible to be interviewed for the book. We will keep KA informed.
  • Networking – City Visits: We are ready to have Ishidos who are interested to meet with Clients in their city. See
  • Time Management: If you have a client who needs help with Time Management, point them to


Social Entrepreneurial


  • Focus on Unique Talent: See
  • One Hour Day: New concept by Steve. I call it my OHD. If I only had one hour per day to do work for Lifebushido, what would I do? For me, I am trying this concept from 8-9am daily and I will take 10 min to do a short BAB video, short LB or BAB Time Mgt video, work on some Metrics for Lifebushido to kaizen systems and then 30 minutes preferably on a Group Call with 5-10 Leads or Clients to get new clients to signup or get current Clients to upgrade. If no call scheduled, those 30 minutes are spent on some Focus Hour Systems task.
  • Vacation: I had excellent holiday vacation with family in Florida and relaxed and unplugged for a week. This is called Free Time, as compared to Focus Time or Buffer Time.

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