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Home page for Ishido requirements of signing up with a personal wikispace account to use for joining Lifebushido's wiki.
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Version: 02/02/14

Purpose of this Page
This page is designed for New Hires to sign up for their Ishido wiki account to use for joining Lifebushido's wiki. Based on this, the wiki is considered part of the New Hire wikis and you will probably only use or reference this wiki once.

New Hire Questions?
Helpful Tip: Use Subject: New Hire - Question - FirstName Last Name

New Hire Contacts
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New Hire Team Leader/Mentor: Wendy Bingaman

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Wiki - 6 Facts You Need to Know

WWWWWH - Who, What, Where, When, Why and 1 Know How

1. WHAT is a Wiki and what information do I use to get one?
  • Please visit our Wiki Accounts page for detailed information.
  • Sign up for a Wikispace Account, request and be accepted to Join Lifebushido's Wiki. DO NOT sign up for a Wikispaces account until you have reviewed Lifebushido's Wiki Accounts.
  • A wikipage is simply a page where information is collaboratively collected and content can be added, modified or deleted within a web browser.
  • Wikis are often created by multiple users and can serve many different purposes. For example, and in Lifebushido style, editing rights permit changing, adding or removing material.
  • You can easily perform a search using the search box on the left hand side under Actions.
2. WHO needs a Wikispaces account?whowhat.jpg
  • Any person seeking to create their own Wikipage or join another's Wiki, like Lifebushido's Wiki.
  • NOTE: Not all of our Wikis require a Wikispaces account.
  • Lifebushido has 3 main Wikis. Learn about each one, click here.
  • You will be requesting to Join Lifebushido's Wiki.
3. WHY do I need a Wikispaces account?
  • A FREE Wikispaces account is needed to edit and create wikipages.
  • You need to join a wiki to obtain editing permission for Lifebushido's main wiki.
4. WHEN do I sign up for a Wikispaces account?
  • As soon as possible. Most New Hires sign up and get approval immediately so they can complete all their New Hire Tasks.
5. WHERE do I sign up for a Wikispaces account or find more information?
6. HOW long does it take?
  • Depends on when you sign up for your Wikispaces Account. It typically takes 1-2 business days.

Wikispaces - Signing Up for Your Account

Detailed instructions and information can be found by visiting our Wiki Accounts.
  • Sign up for your free Wikispaces account with your FULL First Name and FULL Last Name. This protocol must be followed or you will be DENIED from joining Lifebushido's Wiki.
  • NOTE: This is Lifebushido's policy, not Wikispaces. You can sign up for multiple Wikispaces accounts, but the one you use for Lifebushido must have your complete name. This policy serves two purposes: identifies you as an Ishido and makes it easier to verify who is editing pages.

LB_Wiki_Wordle.jpgJoining Lifebushido's Wiki

  • Detailed instructions and information can be found by visiting our Wiki Accounts.
  • Lifebushido's Wiki is PUBLIC. Anyone can view its contents. Please do not put anything on a Lifebushido Wiki that is not appropriate for public viewing or reading.
  • Visit the How To Audio/Video for more information.
  • Lifebushido's Wiki is meant to be used and improved in any way possible.

Designing Your Wikispaces

  • Additional information can also be found by visiting our Training Wiki.
  • If at any time you need additional information, click on the Help link at the upper right hand part of the screen or click here. If you get stuck, email