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Purpose of this Page:
This QuickBase wikipage is designed to help Recruits understand how to create a QuickBase account and add their Recruit Record.

QuickBase Directory
Ishido - QuickBase Directory

QuickBase Overview

  • Before creating your QuickBase record, have your resume and completed Job Application ready to upload.
  • Once you save your QuickBase record, you will not be able to view, access or update your record until you are hired.
  • QuickBase usage is FREE for Lifebushido Recruits and Employees. Lifebushido has paid for this database account. There is NO COST to you.
  • Keep things simple. Use the same email account for registering with QuickBase as you do when you create your Lifebushido Recruit Record.
  • Follow steps listed in the order provided for registering with QuickBase
  • Once you are hired, your record is referred to as your Ishido Record and you will be granted a higher level of access. With this access comes the ability to view, access and update your record.

Recruits - How to Get Started


YouTube QuickBase Tutorials: