We at Lifebushido are still carrying on the "Ghosting" tradition. If you would like some new ideas and see how the 2013 Ghosting Team is Ghosting it Forward, please click on the Ghost and Keep Ghosting/Paying it forward!

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Ghosting It Forward - Positively impact people with something positive

Ghosting It Forward, www.ghostingitforward.org , was started on 10/16/2008 as a creative project to get people to 'ghost it forward' with neighbors and friends in other cities by sharing a positive gift/message with other people. Email us here to get involved and help.


  • Send a Halloween Ghost and a positive gift/message to 3 neighbors/friends

  • Ask them to keep Ghosting It Forward within 24 hours to another 3 people

  • Spread the word to achieve our goal to positively impact people with something positive

  • Everyone is in charge. Ishidos with Lifebushido can add subpages under this Management heading.
  • Team: Teri Gay, Sommer Emery, Amy Parker, Delores Johnson & Raquel Martin
  • Ishidos: 100 were emailed to announce basics to find 5-10 Ishidos who want to work on project
  • Lifebushido Job Applicants: Will be shared with 1,000+ who applied for job with Lifebushido
  • MTurk: Will be shared with Mturkers, www.mturk.com for crowdsourcing efforts
  • Postcards were mailed to top 100 realtors to promote the idea for their business

FAQs for Ghosting It Forward - for Ishidos and everyone

Letter on Vision of Ghosting It Forward
I want to share with you an idea on Ghosting It Forward as a creative project to positively impact people with something positive by Halloween 2008 on 10/31/2008. My name is Steve Kantor and my company is Lifebushido, www.lifebushido.com. We are building a global network of people working part-time from home with flexible hours using their unique talents. In addition to for-profit businesses, we are involved with charitable projects and creative projects. See www.yruhrn.com as an example of a creative project. Ghosting It Forward is an experimental creative project which may or may not succeed. Lifebushido is investing some resources/money in making it happen. See http://lifebushido.wikispaces.com/Ghosting+It+Forward for details and to get involved.

Everyone needs more positive touches in their life. In our current world filled with constant negative news, Ghosting It Forward is an effort to spread some positive touches and messages to people who are close to you, your neighbors and friends. Whether it is an anonymous note of thanks to your neighbor, a bunch of flowers, a bar of chocolate, an inspirational book or movie, or just a smiley face, Ghosting It Forward will energize people who send and receive the positive touches.

Pay It Forward is a book and movie with an idea of doing three good things to three other people and then asking them to do the same and Pay It Forward. Ghosting is a neighborhood tradition of leaving a surprise package on a neighbor's front doorstep of a gift of perhaps candy, a pumpkin, a bottle of wine, a personal note, or a small gift with a ghost drawing on a single piece of paper and instructions on how to 'ghost' the next person. The instructions tell you to put a copy of the Ghost Drawing on your front door, so everyone knows you have been 'ghosted,' and then make copies of the ghost drawing and instructions and ghost three other people in your neighborhood.

Ghosting It Forward is taking Pay It Forward + Ghosting + a few extra ideas and sharing this concept with both neighbors and friends in other cities to spread the word. We recommend that you Ghost two neighbors anonymously and send via email to one friend. Of course, if you get excited by the idea, you could have fun and Ghost three people every day until Halloween! It is very fun and exciting to gradually see your entire street and neighborhood with the Ghost Drawing on everyone's front door.

My hope is that a few Ishidos want to take the lead on this project, and perhaps 10-30 other Ishidos want to help and spend a few hours, and a few hundred Mturkers get this rolling and see where it goes. If you got this via email, just reply to get involved.

My Ghosting it Forward Experience

When I got the email from Steve about Ghosting it Forward I read through the email and by the time I finished it I was excited. This is just the type of thing that I love. I live in a rural community where money is tight. Homecoming was that weekend and in the spirit of Ghosting it Forward we gave out some tickets to the game. The looks on the faces were priceless.
While that endeavor was great, I am most proud of my scouts. In September of this past year when school started I decided that since my littlest guy is 6 he is old enough to start Cub Scouts. I really enjoy working with the kids and volunteered to be his asst leader as we already have a wonderful leader. When I saw the Ghosting it Forward email come out the second thing that popped into my mind was “This is an awesome thing to do with the boys” I planned a meeting around giving and we made some Ghosting it Forward bags. The boys decorated the bags, added in the poem from the website, put some candies and misc items in the bags and each boy took two to Ghost with. This was great……….but it didn’t stop there. My boys have gotten so into the spirit of giving that our pack organized a giving drive for the veterans at the VA medical center in Richmond. The boys in the pack, along with our sister Girl Scouts, stood outside the local Dollar Stores with flyers asking everyone who went in if they were able, to get at least one small item for the veterans. We will be going later this month to deliver the bags to the veterans. Ghosting it Forward has really fostered a spirit of giving in my community.
In addition, since I took charge of some of these events, I was asked to become a den leader for an older group of boys and the Asst Cub Master. Not to mention……I got hired to work with Lifebushido.
Take every opportunity that is laid before you, whether it looks to be one or not, by the horns and have some fun with it. You never know where it will lead you.


  • right now a lot of the schools in our area are looking for ways to make the world a better place. I would like to add your idea to what are school is already doing, is that ok with you. Let me know my public email is annsjunkmailfolder@yahoo.com. I think this is a great idea and you could most definatly gear it to kids at school assemblys, it is something they are cabable of doing with almost no cost and it teaches them the importance of a kind word,a soft touch and a "love" note. Please let me know if I can share your idea with my sons school.
  • I think it is a great idea because people need some positivity today and it could definitely work. I think that it could be used through social networking sites that can reach a lot of people as well. In a perfect world, people would want to do something to help others and create a positive enviornment but most people want to get paid now a days. I would consider bumping up the pay to 50 cents if it looks like you aren't getting enough people involved.

  • Ghosting it Forward stories to share, Since we are all over the world encourage folks to submit a story; their headline would be for example (Ghosting it Forward - Tallahassee FL) then the story or the achievement or what that person is involved in, or what they did to Ghost it Forward.
  • Ghosting it Forward Newsletter
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  • This seems to be an exciting venture for Lifebushido. From looking at the video and reading about ghosting, I would say the direction you are going with this is social responsibility for Lifebushido. That's my guess. Lifebushido will benefit by being involved in community relations. It is like Karma. With the holiday season now starting, all the way through to Christmas, this is a great way to get involved with the community. Especially as more people are feeling the pinch of the economy. Being ghosted, or receiving a small note/gift from Lifebushido will enhance the image of the business in the community.
  • You could also do a e-mail ghost it forward I know that there are a ton of e-mails out there but none quite like this.
    You E-mail a picture of a ghost and a recipe or inspirational thought with a description of ghost it forward. Every person e-mails this to 3 people they know and when you send your three e-mails you print out the ghost cut it out and put it on your door.
  • I Love this idea maybe next year you could get one of the major candy companies involved what a great way for them to promote something good with there brand. You could have then donate so much candy or maybe a e-mail coupon or something along those lines.
  • This is a very positive concept and fun for those who decide to participate. It’s kind of like receiving and sending emails with messages positive affirmations, jokes, gifts etc. to close family and friends which is what I do regularly; passing on positive stuff and thoughts.
  • The success of Ghosting it Forward, I believe, depends on the neighborhood you live in and your relationship with neighbors. In friendlier neighborhoods it would be great and an icebreaker. Speaking from experience, in more dangerous neighborhoods, it would not go over very well as items left on doorsteps might cause a certain amount of anxiety and/or suspicion no matter how nice and friendly the items are. For example flowers left on a doorstep where gang violence is prevalent could be taken as a threat or with cynicism.
  • I love this idea and I would love to give this a try in my neighborhood.
  • ghost 3 bloggers you appreciate.http://horsefeathersdailyjournal.blogspot.com/2008/10/ghosting-it-forward-good-fun.html

2013 Press Release

Lifebushido announces the Ghosting It Forward Project.
By Amy Flanagan-Parker
September 30, 2013
Lifebushido announces today that through the entire month of October 2013 we will be promoting the Ghosting It Forward project. We realize that today’s world is filled with seemingly constant negative news. At Lifebushido we feel it's important to positively impact people not just locally but around the globe. Ghosting It Forward is an effort to spread some positive touches and messages not only to the people who are close to you but to anyone and everyone who you think could use some positivity in there lives. Whether that positive touch is an anonymous note of thanks, a bar of chocolate, a bouquet of flowers or an inspirational book is up to you. Really the ways to pay it forward are endless.
We urge you to go to our website at __www.ghostingitforward.org__ for more information and to print out the flyer and instruction poem to use when “Ghosting” someone. We also have a Facebook page where you can obtain some great ideas to Ghost It Forward, maybe add some ideas of your own and don't forget to post the following “I've been Ghosted” along with your city, state and country at __www.facebook.com/ghostingitforward__ . Let's take the time to energize people around the world with positive touches, you will be amazed at just how far this can go.
About Lifebushido

Lifebushido was founded in 2006 and is owned by Steve Kantor. It has been an established company for approximately 7 years and continues to grow. We are growing a global network of thousands of people and thousands of clients where we provide administrative services to small business. We will create an extraordinary company from an ordinary business service of part-time work with flexible hours allowing individuals to establish and utilize there unique talents.
To learn more about this project, please contact __Life@GhostingItForward.org__

Ghosting It Forward on Craigslist!

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