Creative Projects

This page is for our creative projects.

Lifebushido is a company that is involved with for-profit businesses, charitable projects, and creative projects. A creative project may be for-profit, non-profit, or just some wild creative project which is unsure where it is heading. Lifebushido values people who think creatively and are willing to take risks, experience failure, and feel the excitement of creative success.

Coffee Stories: See for free copy of book and
Diversity Triangle - Project Wiki -

Previous Projects
Ghosting It Forward was started in October 2008 as a combination of ideas from the movie Pay It Forward, the neighborhood fun of 'ghosting' your neighbors, and a mx of a few other ideas and visions.
Obama Speech was done just to make Michelle laugh.
Ethical Will Survey
Coffee Stories Microventures
Music Therapy

Lifebushido is a Gem
Anything is possible at Lifebushido and it is as diverse as a rare Padparadscha Sapphire. Lifebushido is a gem comparable to one of the most, rare and expensive gems available in the world today. A rare Padparadscha dark, clear, strongly saturated, yellow orange Sapphire, multifaceted cut in a reverse unusual Mazarin rose cut round.
The Padparadscha Sapphire is unusual in its ability to communicate ideas and concepts with colorful expressions that range in scope. It radiates an intense red, yellow orange like the sun attracting those that can fully embrace its beauty. Upon a closer look one may find a few small inclusions which give the stone character and the perseverance of discovery which comes from the depths of the earth. Its cut with integrity, complex, yet old fashioned and without a flat surface this gem has the capacity to capture untapped resources of light, at every possibility. Padparadscha like Lifebushido has an unusual name with meaning. Padparadscha originally from the Sanskrit/Singhalese padmaraga, references a color from the Sri Lankan ruby that combines pink and orange a combination of influences from the nature of the lotus flower and a Sri Lankan sunset. The symbolism of the lotus flower takes its greatest strength in its ability to bloom in unfavorable conditions. Strength in diversity of color, facet cut, and rarity make the Padparadscha Sapphire the ideal comparison to Lifebushido.

Poem by former Ishido Tom Berg
Universal Strategic Solutions Triangle
May 2012

The journey began so simply
The quest for simplicity
The vision was accepted
To labor with peace in mind
The path was sometimes difficult
The understanding not always clear
But as the veil was pulled back
There became the inevitable track
The realization of a dream so clear
That is why at Lifebushido I am here
Do what you love
But fly as a dove
Dream and wonder for where you want to be
Come take the journey so simply