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Version 4/6/17
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Our TeamTL - Susan Johnson - susan27330@yahoo.comAssistant: Holly Boone- hollyboone32@gmail.comIshido: Shannon Jiacoma- shannonjiacoma@gmail.comIshido - Lavern Edwards - lavernedwards@gmail.comIshido - Wendy Bingaman - wendybingaman2014@gmail.comIshido: Marla Robinson - marla.robinsonlb@gmail.comIshido in Training: Angela Allen - angelamallen8@gmail.comIshido in Training: Regina Ladson -

Closing Management Team OverviewThe purpose of the Closing Management Team is to assist our clients with minimal to full closing work. Some of our tasks include: Posting Listings, Weekly Closing Reports, Listing and Closing Tracking, Partial and Full Closing. Our objective is to free up our client's time so that they may focus on getting more sales and closings. With Best Agent Business taking over the tasks, they have the time to do so.

Our Team has 2 parts- Listings and Closings. Our Goal is to be able to assist our Client from the moment they get that listings until after it closes. We also assist our Clients with their buyers as well. We will help them get that buyer's agreement and continue until they find their dream home and get the keys.
If you are interested in joining our team:
Skills/Traits Needed for Closing Management
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Self-starter and Go-Getter
  • Patience
  • Persistence
  • The ability to deal with many different personality types
  • Excellent verbal and written skills
  • Ability to follow directions, policies and procedures
  • Problem solver
  • Detail oriented, responsible and accountable
  • Works well with both clients and fellow Ishidos
  • Having experience in Real Estate is a must.

What we do
Listing Assistant- Detailed Info on LA
Listing Ishidos - Detailed Info on Listing Ishidos
Closing Assistant - Specifics for the role of CA
Closing Ishido - Specifics for the role of CI

Please use the link below to apply
Applying for Closing Management

Closing Management Training
Part 1 Listings Training
Part 2 Closings Training

Closing Management - Initial To Do List once you are hired:
  • Complete Training Modules
  • Listen to recorded KO
  • Add Monthly Closing Meeting to your Calendar
  • Request Access to Schedule Database and Logins from your mentor prior to being assigned your first client

Team Pages

Team specific pages for reference
Listings- All pages are specific for Listings
Closings- All pages are specific for Closings
Listings/Closings Inbox- Information on Inbox procedures and templates
Craigslist- Craigslist is a Sub Team of Closing Management
KO Call - This page explains KO Procedures and Documents
Closing Management Congratulations

Team Leader Pages

Pages below are for use of Closing Team Leaders and Steve
Team Leader Tasks
Listing/Closing Inbox Management
Team Leader Email Templates

Rhythm -
  • Update Client DB -
    • If you change Client db, you want to make sure Schedule DB (both EoWR and WCR reports are coded correctly)
  • Interact with Team
  • Follow-up with emails
  • Work on Kaizening Team
  • Service Analysis as needed
  • Client calls as needs
  • Individual CA/Team calls as needed