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Client Services Team Leader:Cherie Turner

Client Services Assistants:
Linda Coombs
Kim Nunn
Barb Ragan:
Maria Villalobos
Ashley Beck

For more information about joining our incredible team of Client Services Assistants, please visit: Client Services Team - Recruit

Client Services Overview

We TURN clients into Superstars!
The Client Services team assists clients during the first 100 days with Best Agent Business and then ongoing. Outbound calls are placed on a calling schedule and as needed to obtain and record feedback along with new information from our clients. The Client Services team member writes and submits a call summary detailing client comments, questions and/or concerns after each call. The objective is to ensure that each client is happy, questions are answered, concerns are addressed, and their expectations are being met.
There are improved team efficiencies with BAB when needed. Client Services is vital for ensuring communication is solid and effective between the client and each of the various teams/team members doing the client's work within BAB. At Day 90 the Client Services team member evaluates the situation and client happiness level to determine whether the client would likely provide a testimonial for Best Agent Business. Client Services team members will ultimately connect, build trust and establish ongoing rapport with Best Agent Business clients.
NOTE: To be on the CS team, you will need to be available during business hours.

Skills/Traits Needed For Client Services

  • A sense of humor... if you don't have one -- you will
  • Must pay close attention to details
  • Must be a self-motivated and self-starter type of person
  • Great organizational skills
  • Loves reading and learning new things
  • Must display a go-getter personality
  • Knowing when to talk, when to listen, and when to bite your tongue
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Passion for customer service
  • Empathetic to clients needs and wants
  • Exceptional listener
  • Able to follow policy and procedure
  • Able to relate to various personalities
  • Extroverted, outgoing, and friendly personality
  • Excellent problem solving abilities
  • Enjoy making clients happy
  • Love hearing from a client how much they love Best Agent Business
  • Professional, warm and calm voice
  • Clear and professional writing skills

Client Services Recruiting

Applying for Client Services- Recruits and NewHires
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Client Services Training

Client Services Training Page
Client Services - Training Documents

Client Services Procedures and Policies

Client Services - Training Documents
Client Services - Client Personalities
Client Services-Client Retention

Client Services ATL and Mentoring

Client Services ATL's and Mentors

Client Services Weekly / Monthly Requirements

Client Services - Weekly and Monthly Tasks

Client Revive Team Page

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Team Testimonials:

KA / CS Testimonials
Client Services is our client satisfaction team who proactively connects with clients regularly to monitor satisfaction levels, address potential areas of risk, escalate and resolve issues, and ensure happy clients and ultimately, gather testimonials and share KUDOS for a job well done. We touch every client, every team, and Working as a Client Services Assistant is one of the best ways to be a better KA for numerous reasons:
  • Learn our services - You speak with different clients all the time who are using a unique mix of our services. You get to hear the details about those services (learning all that BAB does).
  • See the value of BAB - You get to see first hand where our services add value and directly how we free clients up from burdensome tasks and directly impact their ability to grow their business
  • Learn our systems - CS touches many areas of our systems and you will get hands on training to the database and understand the importance of all the fields and information - and how it all ties together - specifically Upgrades, Testimonials, Retention, and our internal wiki's/Agendas
  • Learn what makes clients happy - Talking to the clients as a neutral 3rd party allows them to open up about the areas they may not be happy with or comfortable talking with their KA about - this is good insight into areas to look out for with your own clients!
  • Learn about Upgrades and expanding services - through listening to our clients challenges as well as their successes, we get a unique view into where they are struggling and, with our knowledge of our services, can discuss additional help we can provide (and we can identify Upgrade areas)
  • Understand retention issues and prevention - In client services you see it all - the happy testimonials and sometimes the issues that arise. This is very valuable for a KA - the more you know about what makes our clients happy and where there may be early red flags that can be addressed before retention issues arise, the more successful you will be (and the happier your KA clients will be)!
  • Meet your peers - This is the best opportunity to tough base with a lot of other Ishidos and see what they do - you will surely be crossing paths with them very soon if you have not already!
  • You are off to a great KA start! - if you enjoy and succeed at CS, you should definitely consider becoming a Key Assistant. You understand our clients needs and what services we can offer to meet those needs. A Key Assistant takes this one step further by working direct with the client and the teams day to day to stay on top of those changing needs and constantly providing services to help!

I think that my CS experience has really helped me with my duties as a KAT. By training as CS first I was able to learn how to build a rapport with clients, like Lisa Ford. I volunteered to be her KA because on the CS calls that I have had with her I realized that she would need someone who did not mind giving her extra help with completing her part of the client-assistant relationship. She also felt comfortable enough with me to call when she was stressed. To be truly honest I would have failed as KAT if I had not done CS first. I would have been overwhelmed and lost and most likely would have given up. I think that CS should be part of KAT training in the future. ~ Jamie Chene

I absolutely love being on the CS Team! This team teaches you about all the different aspects of business at LB/BAB. You interact with the clients, find out if the clients are happy or not, and learn where things can be improved. This interaction transitions you to do a better job with other teams that you may be on. You learn all the different services that BAB can provide to clients As a KA, this helps you to know which services to tell your clients about. You need to have a very good understanding of all the teams at BAB as a KA, and the CS teams gives you the start that you need in gaining this knowledge. I truly believe that if you are to be a KA, you should be started out on the CS Team. The CSTL is very helpful, has tremendous knowledge on the company overall, trains you in what you need to know, and is there to help anytime! Join the CS Team and you won't be disappointed! - Susan Johnson

MA / CS - Testimonials
Working on the client services team really helped me with my duties as a marketing assistant. It gave me a better understanding of the various services that clients use and how the teams work together. Before I worked on the team, I often felt lost and didn’t understand the work flow for clients. Being on the client services team made me a better marketing assistant. Client Services is a valuable experience and MAs should strongly consider working on the team. The CSTL is very organized and has created training materials that make it easy to learn CS duties and gain an understanding of how BAB works to serve clients. It is very satisfying to work through problems clients might have and retain their business. ~ Liz Koon

KA/MA/CS - Testimonials
I am really enjoying working on Client Services because I feel that I can get the point of view of the client and understand how they look at things. They are much more honest with me as I am a neutral party. This gives me good perspective that I can use working as a KA. I also like how straight forward it is It is a great balance with my KA and MA roles. Toshua has also done such a great job with the wikis that learning and navigating has been pretty easy and not nearly as stressful as other roles. - Heather Moreau

CS Testimonials
I absolutely love being a part of the CS Team! I have learned so much in such a short period of time from CS and the RE business as well. The CSTL has done an amazing job with the creation, organization, and content of all of the CS wiki pages to date. Also, the general organizational set up of the CS Team is spot on. CS training does give you an overall knowledge base of the services that BAB has to offer clients. A happy client is the best reward that any business can have and that is the beauty, function, and motivation behind the CS Team. - Lynda McCauley

What is Client Services?

Please review the following viewpoints from current CS assistants on Client Services Role in Turning Clients in Superstars.

Toshua Serrato - Client Services Team Leader
CS is a nonbiased liaison between BAB and our clients. CS contacts clients to ensure they are happy with their services and assistants. We ensure that the client’s personality matches well with the assistants assigned to them. We report all clients’ issues whether the fault lies with the client or with one of our team members from the client’s viewpoint. If we determine the client is unhappy with any situation, those concerns are forwarded to the proper Team leader for further action. It is up to CS to find problems or potential problems that the client may be facing.

Liz Koon - Client Services Assistant
Client Services is the quality assurance team for Best Agent Business. Clients are contacted by CS frequently throughout their first 100 days with BAB to make sure that customers receive the service they’ve requested and the quality they deserve. Client Services is an impartial go-between that works with the clients and the teams that serve them. If there is an issue, Client Service assistants investigate and determine where the problem lies and who can best fix the issue. The Client Services team works to make sure that work is flowing so smoothly that clients will provide a testimonial by the time they have been with BAB for 100 days.

Teresa White - Client Services Assistant
Client Services works hand in hand with our Key Assistant team to ensure that clients understand their services, are happy with the flow and realize they have another person on their team to help answer any questions or concerns. Through regular follow up for the first 100 days and monthly follow up after that time, we provide a sounding board for our client and share their true impression and overall rating of the teams and assistants working on their behalf with everyone involved. CS provides quality assurance for the client and serves as a type of "checks & balances" between the teams and the client.

Karen Colvin - Client Services Assistant
Our role in Client Services is to ensure that our clients are happy with all the work being done by Best Agent Business. We contact our clients throughout the first 100 days to ensure that they are happy with the services that are being provided to them. Client services assistants are here to listen to our clients, be available as sounding boards for them to share their excitement or vent their frustrations. We then share that information with teams so we can always work to improve ourselves and the services we provide to current and future clients.

Melissa Ice - Client Services Assistant
Client services assistants are responsible for taking the pulse of clients to ensure that they are satisfied with the service that Best Agent Business is providing for them. In addition, if a retention risk is identified the client services assistant works with the client to identify the source of the issue and then notifies the appropriate Best Agent Business team members. The Client services assistant then follows up with the client to ensure a happy resolution and continued satisfaction in the working relationship with all Best Agent Business team members and the client. Recently, client services is offering a month gift/service to clients.

Brenda K. Williams - Client Services Assistant
Client Services could be best characterized as proactive customer service. We handle the customer satisfaction aspect of a client’s services. Our main goal is to acquire client testimonial by the time has been with Best Agent Business for 90 days. We contact clients monthly to evaluate the effectiveness of their services. We strive to keep clients pleased by initiating feedback and informing teams of any comments and suggestions for improvement. We rectify any problems quickly and efficiently to ensure clients are satisfied at Best Agent Business. If our clients are happy, we are happy.

Cindy Vance - Client Services Assistant

We, meaning client services assistant, are the go between the client and BAB. We are in place so that issues or problems with the client can be addresses immediately and keep the client out of retention. At the same time, our goal is to obtain testimonials, which is a guide or measuring tool that BAB can use to see how we are doing. It is also important for a client services assistant to build a rapport with the client and provide a level of comfort, someone that the client can depend on. We need to make sure that we in invaluable to the client, which in turns means happy clients and more business for BAB.

Melodee Rinkel - Client Services Assistant
CS to me, is a check and balance program; a type of accountability method, that allows the client a way to give feedback honestly on how well our services are doing, or if there are any changes that need to be made. Client Services not only ensures that the client is happy, but also that the assistants (Ishido's) are doing a great job themselves. There is always room for improvement (Kaizen) and when there are changes that need to be made, these can be learning experiences for all assistants. Making these changes allows us, as assistants, to learn how to be flexible, think outside the box, increase our awareness of human relations and helps us to build better rapport and experience when dealing with clients. Making changes for the client based on their feedback really can be seen as more for our benefit than the clients; the client simply gets a benefit from the feedback that they have provided.