Bookbushido is a series of ventures to distribute business book summaries. See
Version: 8/10/2009, Updated 10/5/11 by Kathy R.

  • Leverage 200+ business book summaries of 2-8 pages from Steve's past 20 years of reading
  • Organize, edit and distribute book notes with database and systems
  • Use Bookbushido to test microventure platform ideas and beta test
  • Launch websites for revenue, lead generation, and recruitment purposes
  • Launch websites for Best Agent Books, Business Book Brief, and MBA Free USA and India
  • Learn how to improve marketing and sales of Lifebushido books


Research Process: There are three primary pages to work with for the research process:
Research Project: - this is the page where newhires and others go to find books to research
Vision of Platform and Purpose: - this is the page used to keep track of the stages of research and develop ideas for the program
Books Database: - easily accessible summary information on all books.

Adding a Book for Research:
  1. Steve provides the name of a book to be researched. Go to research project page and make sure it has not already been researched.
  2. If it is a new book, click on "New Page" to start a new page.
  3. Assign page name as "Bookbushido - Book Title - Author"
  4. Use the template for "Bookbushido - Book Title - Author"
  5. Add appropriate tags.
  6. Click to create page.
  7. At top of new page, delete explanatory info.
  8. Where it says title and author in blue, change that to the book's full title and author's name.
  9. Where it says title and author in black, change that to the book's full title and author's name.
  10. Add an image of the book cover under the title and author listing in black. A clean image can usually be copied from Barnes & Noble or Google books. Remove any captions or hyperlinks. Size the image to look good with the copy. Delete any unnecessary spaces that the wiki page has added. Save the page.
  11. Go back to the research project page and add the book title and author name to the research table at the bottom of the page. Link the book title back to the book page so the researcher can find it easily.
  12. Go to the Vision page and add the book to the appropriate list.
  13. Go to the books database and see if the book has previously been entered. If not, add the book with the following preliminary info. Most of this information will probably come right off the Amazon page. Try to use the hardcover edition.
  • Book Title
  • Author Last
  • Author First
  • Year Published
  • Publisher
  • ISBN 10
  • Amazon sales rank
  • Rating public
  • Pages
  • Description long (this will come from the Amazon description)
  • Amazon website

After a Book Has Been Researched:
Whoever did the research will provide a link to the book page and a cut and paste copy of the page in the email stating that the research has been completed.
  1. Go to the researched page.
  2. Check all links to make sure they work.
  3. Note that some of the Amazon page links can be quite long. All you need is the portion that has the Amazon name, the book title, dp and a number. Everything after the number can be omitted.
  4. Check for any grammatical or spelling errors.
  5. Make sure the page looks good.
  6. Save any changes you have made.
  7. Start an excel spreadsheet for researchers including: last name, first name, rating, email, book title, author, and wiki page. Fill in information as books are researched.
  8. Go back to the research project page and move the researched book from the table to the alphabetical listing.
  9. Go back to the Vision page and move the researched book to the appropriate list.
  10. Go back to the book database and complete the following:
  • In Lifebushido version, click "done"
  • In Description short, copy the brief description from the researched page
  • In Lifebushido website, add the wiki page for the book

Adding Steve's Notes:
Steve has dictated notes about some of the books that he will send to be added to the book page. When he sends these files complete the following:
  1. See if the book is on the research list. If not, add it and have the research completed.
  2. Steve provides the transcription of his notes in Word document form. Go to the Word document and save all copy in Arial 10 point font.
  3. Copy Steve's notes (not the title or author)
  4. Go to the book's wiki page.
  5. At the bottom, add the words "Notes and Excerpts from Book"
  6. Paste Steve's notes under the notes and excerpts caption. Make sure the page looks good and holds the font style.
  7. Send an email with the page's location to editing with the following directions: At the bottom there is a section called "Notes and Excerpts From Book," which is a transcription of notes that were dictated by Steve. Editor is to edit these notes as best as possible, insert bullet points and sentence and paragraph breaks as they see fit. Steve wants to stress that this is to be a fast edit - 90% of this is to be speed. If there is something which the transcription has as inaudible, just omit that section. Complete within three business days and reply back to me with who did the work and the time spent.
  8. After the notes have been edited, the editor will send back an email with the page location and amount of time used.
  9. Go to the edited page and review it to make sure it looks good.
  10. Save the whole page as a PDF and send to Steve along with the page location.
  11. Go back to the Vision page and move the book to the appropriate category.
  12. Go back to the Book database and put the date in "Date Bookbushido Added"
  13. Start an excel spreadsheet for editors including: first name, last name, rating, email, book edited, author, wiki page, editing time, and word count. Fill in information as notes are edited.

Old Notes

Budget - Jun-Aug 2009
  • 100 work hours. Ishidos or Interns
  • $1,000 in marketing for Turkshidos or PPC ads to drive traffic to website and other marketing as test
  • Publishing: Jennifer Young (summaries), JoAnna Prewitt (website beta and Aweber series), Cherry Angeles (Books DB)
  • Business: Tom Forrester (Internshido), Michelle Desjarlais, Anna Dimova, Dominique Brooks


This is a list of business ideas for use of book notes from Bookbushido.
  • Overview
  • Each venture will be a separate business name, domain name, and website with separate branding
  • We will leverage technology platforms across ventures
  • Ventures may be for business revenue purpose, recruitment of Ishidos, creative, lead generation for virtual assistant clients, and charitable/social entrepreneur purposes

Ventures - Businesses - Paid Revenue
  • BestAgentBooks: Real estate business books for real estate agent market. $9.95/month or special offers for lead generation for Best Agent Business
  • Small Business: Small business books for the 10 million businesses between $10,000 - $1 million in revenue. $9.95/month and competes directly with established book summary companies with niche focus on microbusiness needs only. No Fortune 500 large company content.
  • Web 2.0 - Crowdsourcing: Niche service for the latest and greatest books on Web 2.0 topics and crowdsourcing topics. We have huge expertise in this area and this helps push Lifebushido on many levels. $9.95/month or more and special $99/analysis services of quick analysis of a business and how they can leverage crowdsourcing. This leads to $995 pilot projects.
  • Best Sellers: Focus on the top business books right as they are released to be first with a summary and leverage surge of blogs and traffic about the book. Create a competitive site to the primary book site before publication. $1 trial and then $9.95/month to encourage signups. Or offer free trial for first 30 days.

Ventures - Free
  • Bookbushido: Current site improved to give away some for free
  • India Business Books: Free site target for recruitment of top India MBA/business schools and people working at top outsourcing firms like Infosys, Tata, Wipro

Domain names
  • List of some possible domain names: eobooks, mybookeo, bookmook, bookmob, businessburn, successbusinessbooks, inc1000books