Email sent to all clients prior to New Client Touch Base call from Accounting

Subject: Accounting Team Kickoff- Best Agent Business
cc: KA

Dear Client Name,

This email is to introduce myself as Accounting Team Leader for Lifebushido/Best Agent Business. My team handles internal accounting for the company as well as accounting for clients. I wanted to touch base with you to let you know I will be calling you to chat for a few minutes to answer any questions you may have for me about our policies or procedures and to confirm the information in our database.

If it is better for you to schedule a time to speak then please reply back with a good time and number to reach you in the next few days. Otherwise, I will call you in the next day or two to speak briefly.

I look forward to answering your questions. Feel free to reach out if I can help you with anything.

Prior to our call, feel free to review our wiki of Frequently Asked Questions.

Gretchen Parks
Accounting Team Leader
Best Agent Business

Top 3 Goals for New Client Kickoff for Accounting calls are:
  1. To head off questions about billing before the subscription goes through the second time.
  2. To update financial info in the Client DB.
  3. To proactively market accounting services and get yes, no, or maybe to service on phone.

Must speak to each client on the phone for 10-15 minutes to build rapport, extract info, answer questions, etc.

Procedure of call will be:
#1 Introduce myself as Team leader and say that I see your subscription is set to renew on ___ date and I wanted to make myself available to explain our billing procedures and answer any questions you may have.
As you can see we accept payment through Paypal and use a subscription method so that your payment will automatically renew each month on the same date you signed up originally. At any time that you wish to upgrade or downgrade your service, I can send you the new signup link and after you signup, Steve will cancel the current subscription. Any changes to your payment method have to be made through Paypal since we do not access your account or run credit cards directly. After our month closes on the 5th of each month, we will send out a detailed work hour report by the 10th of each month detailing the work performed for the previous month.
Do you have any questions for me?

#2 Ask client to complete verification through paypal if not already done, or resolve refusal to do so.
Reason why we use Paypal can be found here.

You can check the Client DB here: under the field called Accounting Verified to see if they are verified or not or have previously refused to do so (in which case, leave them be).

#3 The second reason for my call is to update our information on your business. We like to collect demographic data on our clients so we can get a perspective on the type of clients we work with so we know who we can best help. If you don’t mind giving me some ballpark numbers on your transactions last year and this year: (run down list of financial fields from Client DB record for that client)
Last Year Transactions:
Last Year Sales Volume:
Last Year Average Price:
Last Year GCI:
Last Year Net Profit:
Last Year Marketing Costs:
Last Year Marketing Percentage:
Current Year Transactions:
Current Year GCI:
Current Year Net Profit:
Budget Year Transactions:
Budget Year GCI:
Budget Year Net Profit”
Client Marketing Percentage
Average Sales Price:

If a client refuses to give you this information, send Steve an email and copy Gretchen to let him know so he can deal with that client directly.

#4 Thank you so much for helping me fill in that information, I noticed that you were quick/not quick to come up with your financials. Do you have a bookkeeper to help you stay on top of your income and expenses and produce financial statements for you?
We have found that most of our clients do not have solid financial reporting. That is one benefit of using our accounting service.

If they do have bookkeeper, ask
  • What software do they use?
  • Who does the bookkeeping?
  • Do they enter data monthly, qtrly, or once per year?
  • Are you caught up on data entry/financial reporting?
  • If not, how many months behind are you?
  • Do you like doing it- is this your unique talent?
  • Are you caught up on your taxes or are you behind and if behind, how far?

To give you a feel for what we can provide, Steve would like to offer you a free review of your financial statements or tax return because usually he can spot 3-4 ways to increase net profit. Does that sound like something you are willing to do?

Another easy way to get started is to create a simple one-page business budget which we can do in 1 hour or less once we receive your income and reoccurring monthly expenses.

So would you be interested in getting started with Best Agent Business Accounting?

If yes, do kickoff call by filling out this document:
If maybe, set time frame to touch base again in future.
If no, include detailed notes to KA/Steve/Gretchen in email after call.

After Call is complete:
  1. Go to Client Record in Client DB & fill in Financial Data Section.
  2. Also fill in the field for "Last Financial Updated" with the date of your call. This field is the next to last field in the list.
  3. Go to report: and change "Accounting Mgmt" field to appropriate answer.
  4. Send email to KA, Steve, & Gretchen after each call detailing the questions/answers in each section of the call.

Email Summary Templates:

I spoke to Lise this morning for my Accounting touch base call. She did not have any questions about billing or Paypal. I updated her financial info in the Client DB. She does need accounting services and the kickoff email has already been sent to get her signed up for Quickbooks and get her started. Mary Terry is her assigned accounting assistant.
Gretchen Parks Accounting Best Agent Business

I spoke to (Client) this morning for my Accounting Kickoff call. He did not have any questions about billing or Paypal. I updated his financial info in the Client DB which was mostly already correct. He does not need accounting services since he has a bookkeeper who comes in every 2 weeks. He is waiting on Steve to send him recommendations for the Billion Dollar Agent Profit Model which he asked for from the Client Newsletter with 5 free hours.
Gretchen ParksAccountingBest Agent Business