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Version: 3/10/13 by Steve.
Calling 100 - Caller Onboarding

Action Items - 3/10/13 for Sherilyn and Steve
This is for Steve, Sherilyn action items
  • Spend 1-2 hours updating this main page with gameplan for a 3 month update and also add section at top with target numbers by month of Callers 10+ hours. So Mar, Apr etc to our goal 100 number.
  • Please add all other links under Pages above that relate to Calling 100 Vision.
  • Update Calling Agreement Long with any items which come from items below and discussions this week.
  • Goal: Let's get clarity of goal statement for Best Agent Business Calling Team. Some ideas: Best real estate lead calling services based on profits generated for clients. Best WAHM calling job for smart WAHMs with ability to have 20 hours of calling and 5 hours of non-calling.
  • Golden Egg: Kaizen purpose to make clearer and clearer of win-win-win. Goal is ultimately 80% accurate for Golden Egg escalated. First wave of 10 may only be 50% accurate and then we tune based on each client. The cost of a Golden Egg for a client will range from $50-$500 based on lead generation, lead management, marketing, and calling costs. The goal is to be able to track and lower the cost over time to make our calling more and more profitable for clients.
  • Checklists: I encourage you to kaizen both New Caller and New Calling Client checklists. Please make sure they have room for checkmark to mark off and have Jen review before sharing with me within a week.
  • Caller ATL pages - make sure on lbinternal and not on lbwiki. Must be private because it has client names.
  • Call Report formats: I know we figured out how to get rid of extra blank lines for Gmail senders. Pls document and make sure everyone knows.
  • Weekly Audit:
    • Try to automate certain situations. For example:
    • Daily Log entry but missing in Sched DB: This means someone either made data entry error in Daily Log or did calling but not authorized or not properly in Sched DB. Who is responsible for Sched DB being accurate? Is it Caller ATL or Caller? So should Cherry just email specifics and CC who?
    • Calling Not Done: Budget was 5 hours in Sched DB and 0-3 hours was done in Daily Log. Please define clear subject line and template for Systems to send to Caller and CC you and Caller ATL I assume?
    • You should be able to automate much of this and have Systems then email you reminder on Weds if anyone did not reply and explain or correct.
  • Team Leadership Questions
    • Here are questions we should be able to pose and get correct answers weekly.
    • Are new Calling Clients flowing with Calling started within 10 days of New Client email? If not, is it 100% clear to client that we are waiting on client.
    • Are new Calling Ishidos flowing with Calling started within 10 days of New Hire email?
    • Are all Callers fully booked? MATCH
    • Are all Clients getting proper scheduled hours? Sched DB weekly audit report
    • Are Golden Eggs current for all clients? This is PROBLEM right now that needs to be closed and kept current. They are not current.
    • Does Daily Log match Sched DB on weekly basis?
    • Does Daily Log match Goal Actions weekly and monthly?
  • Ishidos
    • Recruits
      • Steve provided email list of 500 recruits with Calling 3+ self-rating for Sherilyn to pursue.
      • Monthly: Sherilyn asks for new recruits with calling interest in past month
      • Group call interviews or informational sessions: Suggest Sherilyn has 2 per month
      • Job Boards: Make sure we have all relevant job boards. Share list with Callers in case they are aware of others.
      • Referral Bonus: If someone applied via a referral, they need to make sure they applied fully and interviewed.
      • Caller Revive: This refers to previous 5-20 Callers that you want me to approve to pursue to restart with Lifebushido. I am not comfortable doing this until we have super solid systems for smooth startup. Hopefully by Apr or May.
    • Ishido Spreadsheet
      • Here is order that I want for left side
        • Goal Calling 100 100
        • Callers Now 10+ Hours XXX
        • Callers Now 1+ Hours XXX
        • Callers Starting or Training XXX (not included in number above)
    • Ishido Levels
      • Let's get more clarity on Caller levels. Steve Hire = Steve needs to formally hire. New = Hired and need to get started. Started = 1-10 hours done. After 10 hours, Caller ATL and Caller should chat and make sure a fit. Newshido = 10-100 hours of calling. At 100 hours of Calling, I would like Sherilyn to do a Unique Talent review with Caller ATL and then formally rate them a A or B Caller and have focus. Also identify whether potential ATL.

    • Caller ATL
      • I see confusion between a Caller ATL in charge of X Clients or in charge of X Callers?
      • I believe our structure now is Callers. That is okay, but then who is in charge of the Client? The KA and Lead Caller?
      • Recruiting of Caller ATL and Unique Talent. We should look closely at resume and job app to find Callers with previous experience being a leader/manager in call centers. Also specific experience with other call centers that we know are selective.
      • Unsure what is ideal number of Caller Mentees per Caller ATL. I could see 3 to 15 depending on desire of Caller ATL etc.
    • KA Caller
      • I believe we have 2-3 currently. Review with Shawna and let's define them and explain so we can assign them for new Calling Only clients to smooth process.
  • Calling Team Chunks
    • These are the major chunks that I see for Calling Team which need to be either led/owned by Sherilyn or a Caller ATL, or Sherilyn determines it is done by all Caller ATL
    • What other chunks do you see?
    • Overall
      • Vision Map: You did a hand-sketch of Calling 100 Vision around Aug 2012. Suggest you do another one with current reality and plans.
      • Calling Segments: My current view is Client Agent (Client/SOI/Seller Feedback/Client Services), Buyer Leads, Seller Leads (Seller/FSBO/Expired). That also is order of simple to advanced. Seller calling is most valuable and should drive highest Golden Egg compensation. Seller first, then FSBO, and then graduate to Expireds is my guess.
    • Ishidos
      • New Callers: We have tons of Floating Clients with TP Buyer Leads. We can use that to get them going ASAP with standard systems and self-learn webinars etc etc. Perhaps have a New Caller ATL who works with all of them to pass that first 10 hour test before they are even assigned to regular Caller ATL?
      • Match Callers and Clients for Hours: This is my huge focus on you as TL. There should not be gaps. If we have Calling Hours from Ishidos and work hours from clients, we should not ever have gaps and we should have close to 100% utilization each week. If client demand increases, you decrease Floating Hours. Or the opposite.
      • Training - Everything: Calling Team needs to grow fastest of any team in terms of Ishidos. Need to invest in best possible webinars and clear PPT etc etc. I would find 2-3 Callers or Caller ATL who want to help improve this and let them focus on that part with your guidance,
      • Training - Database: Training on the 5-10 database systems we use for calling such as TP, WiseAgent etc. We have Database Assistants who are lead in a DB. We should have 1-2 Callers who are lead in a DB.
      • Training - Scripts: We need to have big script portfolio and roleplaying and learning and get better and better at this. We need to have self-training sequence.
    • Clients
      • New Client Kickoff: I am very concerned that this operates FASTER. Why not have Client Services schedule Calling Kickoff when on first CS call?
      • Golden Eggs: This is the key concept to succeed. You and Caller ATL and Callers need to educate clients and repeat the Golden Egg concept. We cannot allow Clients or Agents to waste GE or else we just get fired sooner or later and blamed for lack of performance. Better to hold them accountable EARLY and then have KA explain and if still nothing then Proactive Pause Calling due to lack of communication from client. When clients understand we are not billing them because we do not want to waste their money, that will always get their attention and respect. It is different. It is a Purple Cow. Leverage it.
      • Autodialer: We are behind on this and at risk. We need to have a higher percentage of our clients using this. I want to use our Phoneburner for any client with big backlog and get this system better. Callers who want to spend time learning this, which is only a few hours, will make more money because they will be 2x as productive to get GE. REDX has something new called Storm Dialer.
      • Wiki - BABWIKI Templates - want more and more on babwiki for clients and leads for info on Calling.
  • Sales
    • We have 4,000+ BBB researched with phone numbers. We will be able to launch LG99 FREE Calling Test once we have Caller capacity. Cynthia will run all of this on her side so you only get the client once signed up and all is ready including Calling KO done and database and even possible first Caller.
    • If you had a choice, which BBB systems (Boom, Tiger, etc) are your top 3 choices you would like to get more of which seem easiest to work with?

  • Clients
    • Testimonial:
      • Create page on babwiki called Calling - Client Testimonials and paste calling testimonials we got WITHOUT name of client.
      • We will use Calling Rating ABC new field in Client DB to know who is happy.
      • What is calling hours at which is enough that we should be good or not for testimonial? Perhaps 100 hours?
      • Should it be Lead Caller or Caller ATL to pursue Calling Testimonial via the KA?
    • Upgrade: We got something stated with Kate and Anne
    • Retention: This is critical on Sherilyn's side to have solid focus and work closely with Caller ATL and Allyn. It is important that Sherilyn directly speaks with and retains a few Calling clients a month rather than losing them or Steve having to speak with them. Sherilyn should escalate to Steve if she feels she is not able to retain.
    • Networking: From our Calling Clients, we want to gradually figure out the happiest 3-6 and get them to spread word more widely on social media and their coaching programs.
    • Revive: Once Toshua is fully flowing, we will have a list of likely 20-50 Client Revive who we may offer some Calling Test LG99 Free again. We will not be doing this until we have over capacity of Callers. LG99FREE for new client sales will come before this.
    • Client Services: Best value Sherilyn can deliver is :
      • Ideas/help with HH overall with David's new group of ideas to try.
      • Retention of Calling Clients.
  • Other Client and Ishido Misc Issues
    • Please reorganize these in priority order as you see it and chunk into Mar and Apr chunks of when they will be addressed.
    • Startup Database - improve this process
    • Logins - always ask Database Assistant if Logins does not seem to have Logins. DB Asst will ask client.
    • Sample documents babwiki pages of call notes for calling types - great for client info and leads
    • Agent mgt required - we must have Agent Mgt required if they have agents, otherwise, wasted GE
    • Mystery Shopper - we should do Mystery Shopper once we know Calling is going to happen for a new client. Suggest that a Caller ATL does Mystery Shopper.
    • Accents: Get clarity on Calling Agreement Long of our view on accents
    • Need More Leads - need tighter system for Caller ATL to escalate need for more leads to DB Asst first and CC to Steve with a Jing of how they are searching now. Like Calling Analysis, a template. Please have Teresa G or another Caller ATL work with me on format on driver call.
    • Google Voice: Sounds like it helps for more live answers?
    • Audit of notes - dbasst should do audit of call notes at some frequency to make sure it is being done correct.
    • Chat - some vendors like CommInc have Chat. We should be able to staff Chat.

  • Recruit: 100 apply, hire 50, 20 Ishidos. Need 400 apply to grow from 20 to 100 Calling Ishidos over X months. About 100 apply, 80 pass voice test, 30 rejected, 30 hired as A and 20 as B for 50 hired and 20 make it to 100 hours Calling Ishido.
    • Send out tests to Calling 3 for CS
    • Send out file to Sherilyn for Calling 4 for Client Calling
    • Email out to Calling 5 for Sales.
  • Systems: Sched DB to split CS, Client Calling, Calling Test, and Sales. GA for Calling by month and Caller. Daily Log - weekly report and monthly reports and easy report by Client or Ishido or Type.
  • Golden Egg: Best callers match to best clients.
  • Future Topics:
    • Fast Call Response - 365/24/7 for Trulia, Zillow, Realtor.com etc etc
    • Global Callers
    • Craigslist Sales Caller job posting
    • Systems Global coverage
    • Caller Bonus - some 1,000 hour or X testimonial level

Calling 100 Vision

Goal: Reach 100 callers within six months

To reach 100 callers over the next six months, we will need to hire approximately 25 callers per month. Over the past few years, the number of callers that actually stay and work out is generally lower than what we actually hire. We also have people that decrease calling hours to focus in other areas within the company, so we need a cushion for those as well.

Let me express the importance of hiring weekly or biweekly vs monthly. Some of these people will want to move fast, and starting 20 at once will be cumbersome, and things will get lost in translation. A smaller weekly number is more feasible. It will allow for better training and less confusion. It will require some additional effort on your end, but we may end up keeping more new hires this way. Done

The first step in hiring is to get them interviewed. Not all that apply do it the correct way, and our instructions are very clear. I found those that have difficulty with the process almost always do not work out. To be a successful caller, you need to be able to follow systems and directions, and those that cannot take an immense amount of time training and tend not to notate or report correctly. We need top notch callers.

Where do our best callers come from? Plain and simple…referrals from other callers. We should once again recruit to internal staff with a bonus incentive to lure more good people to LB. These recruits tend to go through the process quicker, they have additional incentive to work hard because they were referred by someone, and in most cases, they don’t want to embarrass or let that person down. If approved, I would like to send out a companywide email next week with a calling incentive.

  • Please announce an incentive bonus for referring a caller that works 100 hours

Once we have callers, they tend to start looking for other teams when they approach 100 hours. I believe we need to focus on what the company needs, but keep in mind, we need callers just as much as we need KAs and ATLs. If someone comes in as calling to start out, I think they should be required to remain on the team for a minimum amount of hours before completely phasing out.

100 hours is not enough time to replace a caller..this is generally 4 weeks if they are just calling. They should be tried in other areas, but the other areas perhaps should be limited as well. Maintaining 10 hours a week of calling for the first year of work is optimum. If we do not do this, we will be recycling staff monthly.

Outside Recruiting

Our best callers come from referrals, but we did get a few great callers from outside recruiting. I will continue to post on forums, and as people apply, they will be interviewed. Right now, I am only interviewing those that follow the process to a “t” and get to the point of an interview. Forums are open to a wide variety of people, and my bet is 70% are likely not viable to work here.

  • Recruiting on forums will be bi-weekly solely Client Calling
  • Callers will be directed to the calling recruit page

  • Serial egg collectors
  • Voice not a fit
  • Looking for “free” money…eg not really looking to work
  • Not qualified/cannot follow instructions
  • Job hoppers that will jump and move when other opportunities come up “grass is greener people”
  • Accepting the position while on a waiting list for something more financially viable from home
  • Procrastinators – they are going to start next month (I think this may be due to the welcome letter that lets them know it is okay to put off starting. I have a few of these on my list)
  • People with extreme home lives/personal lives
  • People that decide the company is not legitimate

At this point, most that get through the process and pass the voice test are viable. After the next recruiting round, I would like to start dividing up interviews (if there is an overwhelming number that make it through) if necessary. During all calls I screen for sales callability, and if viable, I pass to Kim to interview. If she interviews and hires people that are not on my end of calling, I think they should be asked to schedule a call with me after completing a month of sales calling to see if they are viable for regular calling as well.

Looking back at previous experience with callers recruited via the internet at other wah opportunities…turnover is high in many places. There seems to be a core staffing across the board at each place, but there is also a huge number of fly by night people. Longevity is hard to find, but our best callers are those that stick with us. We need to have a larger core staff and a smaller fly by night staff.

This may be achieved by offering a bonus structure for milestones in calling. Cash is king. Perhaps a bonus at every “x” hour mile marker would give them something to strive for.

The golden egg structure is really brining in 0 bonuses for the callers, and most think of it as a joke. We’ve had clients leave that have had a ton of A clients, and the callers get nothing. Other times, the client just will not tell the caller what happened with the lead, or they won’t follow up with a lead. Once the clients find out they are billed for A leads under the proposed new egg structure, the fear would be that they will simply deny it as an A lead. We will need a tougher structure for “proving” it is an A lead.

Onboarding Callers

Once we have them, we need to get them trained and running. Twenty five a month will be time consuming…approximately 10 per mentor (figuring 5 will never start) on top of their current mentees. Training needs to be automated, but we are not there yet. Cynthia, Amy and I have a call this weekly to more decisively split Boomtown and Tiger.

  • Boomtown Sub Team (ATL)
  • Tiger Sub Team (ATL)

To split these, the ATLs will need to be responsible for all of their daily reporting and will need 100% daily log access to be able to pull same reports I do. The ATL of that team should be cc’d on the reports by their caller so they can jump in if something doesn’t look correct or raises a red flag.

Crossing over – The callers should likely start with one of these teams and within a month be cross trained on the other. This will widen the pool of people that can do both, and these systems are very similar to each other. This will also give us more backup if someone leaves unexpectedly.

Goal will be to fully automate training via go to meeting along with systems documents with screen shots to make the system easy for callers. After trained, mentor should have a call with the caller to be sure they “know” the system. Best bet would be to have a test in place to do. If this can be done via a multiple choice self scored system, this would be best. Mentor should still follow behind mentee after first calling session to be sure systems are updated the correct way.

We will need more mentors down the road. Goal would be for each mentor to choose 1 more mentor within the next 60 days. These backup mentors can either fill in when the mentor is not available, or they can help move people along quicker during fast hiring times.

  • Boomtown Buyer Lead Mentor – Amy Hopkins/ATL
  • Tiger Lead Mentor – Cynthia Hall/ATL
  • Top Producer Trainer – Judith Pauley – potential future ATL – Judith has agreed to schedule KO calls for box clients as well. I’ve emailed Gretchen about this, but I haven’t received a response.
  • Golden Egg/FSBO Calling Mentor – Teresa Glenn/ATL
  • Allyn Hendrick – Assisting 2 hours weekly with systems stuff

Making Life Easier for Mentors

  • Training should end up being totally automated for the calling system
  • Automated training will allow the mentor to share successful calling tips instead of explaining using the system itself. They can go into detailed about having good conversations, and good notes.
  • We need an automated survey like test for each calling system if training becomes automated. Sometimes people have difficulty, and this will help because we will see if the training needs revamping. We would see what areas training needs to be clearer in by looking at the answers the newbies got wrong.
  • The testing will also hit key talking points for mentoring calls. Instead of spending an hour going over a system, the mentor will focus perhaps 15 minutes in trouble areas and spend the rest of the time making the caller comfortable with calling and actually have time to do some role playing.
  • Another idea would be to develop a list much like our Calling Test list and have the callers call other callers and do a mock call. Perfect scenario would be to create a dummy record in BT/Tiger/TP and have the caller call and update and document the call.

Golden Egg

This program needs to be built out further, and we will need your assistance. The system should be automated and Teresa should be able to access reports to hold callers accountable for holding clients accountable. At this time, the GE program is perceived as a dangling carrot as not many callers have ever received one.

  • Incentive should be changed to 1 hour billed per confirmed A lead
    • We need to decide at what point an A lead is confirmed
  • Callers need to be retrained on following GE
  • Systems should have involvement in auditing GE in QB
  • We should have a conference call with the three of us to build this out
  • A GE program that works will motivate the callers as in other companies there is ability to earn more money. With us it is 10/hr and nothing else for client callers


Our systems of checks and balances needs to be more automated for these callers. The mentors should be able to pull stat reports on their mentees weekly and go over them with them. In the beginning, a new caller to LB can feasibly have as few as 6-8 dials per hour, but they should be up to norm within a week. The mentees need to be able to follow this. Aside from if they are completing the hours, we need stats on their metrics so we can help them if they are below par or find out why. Many times low metrics are due to the complexity of the clients system (some have odd things they want the caller doing). DONE

The time audit should also be split with each ATL responsible for their own callers via weekly audit. I will continue to audit everything but BT and Tiger. The audit is going to get longer and longer, and it would take less time if these systems were separated.

I would also like to break Seller Feedback calling off into it’s own subteam. Pam would do KOs, train and mentor callers and assign callers to clients. Aside from the KO, Pam is basically doing this now. I would like this type of calling to have its own report on the schedule db so that she can track it 100%.

Calling KO

For now, I am going to continue to do Buyer/Seller calling KOs. Pam D will do Seller Feedback. Amy and Cynthia will be trained on doing KOs with testing clients. I would prefer to continue doing regular KOs myself as we don’t do that many a week. Once client start converting, they may need to go to full KOs, but right now, I want them to focus their time on really getting these callers moving ahead and encouraging them. Without the callers, we cannot do the calling, and right now, this is our major issue.

To save time, please have Shaveta add all new clients to the daily log that have calling as part of start up. If a client upgrades or decides to use calling, the KA should have an action item for DB Mgmt to add the client to the daily log. With new callers, if they are hired as a caller, this should be done as well. I need to send separate emails for each of these, and it takes time. If I am on back to back calls, it can slip through the cracks and the caller starts calling and the client is not in the log. This would save time by eliminating the third party in the process.

To speed up KOs:

  • DB Mgmt adds any clients getting calling to the daily log automatically
  • KAs schedule KO calls and obtain docs asap
  • When scheduling KO calls, the person scheduling should have the budget and system called from and type of leads in the notes in the scheduler. It would save me quite a bit of time of pulling up agendas and new client announcements prior to the call.
  • Judy Pauley will handle Box Clients in respect to calling scheduling and getting docs
  • KA follows up with the client to obtain approval/all KAs/KATs need to have access to correct procedures as it seems new ones don’t follow it exactly
  • Steve gets databases ready on time
  • Definitions of leads need to be uniform when Steve discusses calling with clients. We have always designated an A lead as 0-3 months, which is showing stage. Several clients recently said you told them 0-30 days, which doesn’t correlate with systems our clients are using. Also, someone looking to purchase in 6 weeks will purchase immediately if the right property is found. This concept of 0-30 actually panicked one client this week. All calling docs have been 0-3 months and that should remain.
  • Mentor for the caller is cc’d in on the delivery of the systems document and the client will be asked to reply all. Once the client replies, the mentor can immediately get the caller working. This will prevent me from being bottleneck on assignment
  • We need the spreadsheet automated to get a better handle on caller availability.

Bellows - There should be a monetary incentive for callers referring other callers. It seems that the starting process for calling is slow. Some new recruits are wondering when they will start working. Training a group of new callers at once instead of one on one would be more beneficial to the company.
Berg -
Bujaki- I believe there are a couple things you can do to hire callers faster and to keep them. First, the new hire process should be re-vamped to allow callers to start withouth having to do that whole process. I understand why the process is in place but it is a ton of busy work doing things that aren't necessarily what they got hired for and it stops alot of people from completing the process. A calling test,voice test, report test and Db test for callers should be sufficient and if they want to work on other teams later, then those tests can be completed later (webite, Jing, Creative). The initial daily emails can still be sent to new hire to make sure they are getting started on the right track. Second, Monetary incentives for referrals would get more referrals and referrals tend to be better more viable workers. Finally, I know that this is being worked on, fix the Golden Egg process, a smaller incentive for A leads would help, agents are usually willing to tell you they got one of your leads as a client, but its hard, for whatever reason, to find out when or if a deal is actually closed. I also think there are probably more Golden Eggs then are really being tracked. For example, If a lead responds to my phone call or email and calls the client back directly, and becomes a customer. I feel that is in direct response to my contacting them, but I usually don't even know about it or am not told about it. It would be nice to somehow know about these so we can acknowledge that what we are doing for them is working.
Cockrell-Monetary incentives for caller referrals would be nice. Since I have been calling I have found that a well informed and knowledgable mentor is a big plus. The mentor sould be easily reachable. Also during the training process if there were screen shots instructions of all the different databases for callers to refer to, make sure these database screen shots are kept up to date.
Craycraft - Monetary incentives would be nice. Having a class training for each calling system would also be great. The process should be a lot quicker.
Dietz- To bring on this many callers in a short period of time will require strong mentors. I agree that new hires will need to be brought on throughout the month instead of all at once to make the process smoother for everyone and to make sure no one falls thru the crack. The "Golden Egg" incentive does not seem to be working and needs to be revamped. Clients are hard to track down for CS calls , and I can imagine how hard it is to track them down for an update on an A lead. The hiring process is very detailed and can be overwhelming but a good caller should be able to pay attention to detail and follow things precisely. We have lost many callers over thew past few years to other departments leaving us with a calling shortage. I agree that there needs to be a minimum of time that one needs to remain as part of the calling team.
Dowsley - I think the hiring process should be streamlined. I know I was completely overwhelmed at having to do all the new hire steps on top of trying to figure my way around calling. I also feel we should be able to bill for hours worked, including reporting after calling, which sometimes can be quite tedious and drawn out (calling report, top producer, quickbase, etc...)
Gauthier - I'm a new caller and I agree that the starting process should be quicker. Most callers work with several companies to make enough money, including myself. I have had the advantage to watch over the past few months and I have seen the growth within Lifebushido. This is one reason why I would stay. My goal is to make enough money with Lifebushido that I do not have to work with any other company. Insentives are a wonderful way to keep callers. Doesn't always have to be money, something like dinner for two, or movie tickets...something nice to make them feel good for their hard work. (Money insentives are good too...haha) Some kind of gateway with resources for all situations as a new caller. Not sure how to go about that though. Cannot think of anything else to add. 7/19
Glenn - Quicker response time on email requests can help our caller. Knowing that there is someone out there that can give you a confident answer, helps you become more confident in your calling job. Or any job for that matter. I do understand that some of us get 100s of emails per day, but response time to callers is very important. I am excited to be a part of the new GOLDEN EGG program and I can't wait to execute it so that more of our callers are being awarded for all the hard work they put into getting new clients and leads for our current clients.
Hendrick - Greater bonus pay for A leads. I think clients should agree to a certain percentage that will be paid to callers for the A leads they send to the client after that lead closes with them. It's exciting to know that you will receive a $50 bonus for A leads that close, but when I send an A lead that I have been working for several months that will be closing a multi-million dollar deal, I can't help but think "Where's my cut?" Granted, the clients are already paying for our services but if the callers are doing most of the work to get a lead to an A, we should be compensated for that just like any of their office staff would.
Hopkins - I believe the best way to gain and keep good callers is through a new insentive program, goals will then be set and money talks:) In my opinion the $50 bonus sounds like a great program until you total up the time it takes to try and chase down the agents and track the leads.
Jones - Since I am a new hire and have not begun calling yet I can only comment up to that point. If there is weekly hiring I think there should be a person that only handles the new hires. They should not have to handle new hires and manage being on other teams. As a new hire when we submit emails or questions it seems that we get lost in the shuffle and feel like there is no one to go to for help. If one person handles the new hires, their emails, their questions, their training than I think we would feel more wanted and comfortable within the company. When it takes a few days to get an email to get things resolved for our task it does not provide a positive outlook on things. To me when you get hired, than you start training, than you start working not having to sit in limbo wondering whats going on.
LaFriniere I believe that callers should be rewarded based on A&B leads. There is too much out of our control to make it contingent on a deal closing. If the lead is confirmed as A&B, it should be paid. Some of these leads are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and a $50 bonus is not motivating. Perhaps additional hours of pay above actual work is an idea ie., work 5 hours get paid 6. Additionally, I think the idea of financial incentives for time spent calling is worthwhile. To get new callers, it has to be financially rewarding because the work itself is not a widely popular passtime :)
Leichner-I agree with many of the comments, particulary about incentives. I now can see where this position can go, due to having been assigned Amy Hopkins as a mentor. I also felt overwhelmed in the beginning with the whole Triangle process. I am working because I need to earn money, and I felt that Triangles were more of a social outlet. Although I joined, and then pulled out of a Triangle, I find that I am much more successful and keeping on track with a mentor such as Amy. I think also that the mentor idea would be a great way to hand pick others who might be great KA's in the future. Now that I know the process, I believe that a KA position should be filled by someone who is familiar with the workings of the company.
Martiano- Improvements to our Calling department, Is training of new hires. There needs to be a better process to training and getting started. I have refered 4 new callers ( If there is a referral bonus, i would like to see mine- I brought 4 aboard so far !) to LB and only 1 of them has a client, the others are still waiting to get a client & only part way trained. The new hire task, I do see why we do it, but it is a bit over whelming & confusing the way the task were layed out. Seems this has been a issue with a ton of people. Calling, I do agree there should be a better incenitive for us capturing the GE. The client needs to be up front if they successfully closed on a lead we brought. I too have found they get lost and hard for us as callers to track if we get no feed back. I also think there should be more of a support system in our department for questions asked. A main go to person- My mentor has been very helpful,TY Amy H.!!
McNier- I agree with most of the suggestions I've read so far. Thinking back to the New Hire process, it was very over whelming. It took me about 6 months to hear back on my application, so I forgot about Lifebushido. Once I did the phone interview, the new hire tasks were confusing. I was so worried that I wouldn't make it because I thought I was skipping something or doing something wrong. I feel like the Triangles were a good idea, and while the leader of my Triangle was helpful at first, she had a lot on her plate, so I didn't want to stress her. I did have a hard time getting responses back to my questions, or it took a while. Wendy was so helpful. Going in, I didn't know how much everyone had on their plate, so I could have been more patient, but again, I wanted to make sure everything was done timely. I now have an awesome, awesome mentor- Amy Hopkins. I think that if everyone is assigned a mentor from the beginning, it would be so helpful. She has helped so much. Also, I don't think it's fair to have so much on one person either, so I agree with them being able to focus on mentoring. It would be awesome if they had some sort of pay raise or bonus for tackling so much more, because I can imagine it can be stressful. I know that I, alone, have probably stressed Amy out, so to have others like me, I don't know how she does it! Lol. The only Golden Egg I've ever received has been from Sales calling. Agents simply do not respond to follow ups on A&B leads. So, some other sort of incentive would be much better- an incentive that isn't so much dependent upon the agents' response. So, in my opinion, re-vamping the new hire process, running more with the mentorship idea, and doing golden eggs differently would be awesome improvements and help strengthen/grow the calling team.
Meicher- I am a new hire this month so I have a bit of insight into the hiring process but not so much the calling (starting that today)! I believe that some of the ways that you could have more people complete the new hire process is to streamline it a bit. Quite a bit feels like busy work and unnecessary at times. I think the tasks should revolve more around the systems and databases we will be using. I also think that if Lifebushido is looking to add that many callers there needs to be one team strictly in charge of new hires and training. I will say that even as I went through the steps Wendy was always able to help me out when needed. And Amy has been wonderful with getting me ready to call.
M. - I agree with the faster starting process as most people don't wait a long time to get started working. Also, if people have more of a chance to get a bonus out of the A leads they would be more inclined to stay and have better production. It's very discouraging to call for hours upon hours, have to constantly follow up with the client and then nothing happens if the client leaves or you get no response. I have been calling for almost 2 years and I don't think I've ever received a GE other than from revive calling.
Moore - I like the idea of hiring through-out the month vs. once a month. Most people want to start as soon as possible. The current hiring system is much too long. I also feel the new hire steps scare a lot of people off, but I also understand the purpose of them, to see how bad a person wants the job and can follow the directions. I know from my personal experience with referring people, they get frustrated, because the process is too long, or they don't hear anything for a long time, and end up giving up on the job. It is overwhelming, but I was determined to finish the tasks, because I wanted/needed the job.
I personally feel that open communication and support are the key to keeping callers. A new hire is going to have questions and need someone that they can reach out to that will answer those questions promptly, especially, once they actually start calling. Otherwise, many will get frustrated, give up and move on to other opportunities. It should be required that all callers have a gtalk so that they can reach out to other callers for help and support. Sometimes, people needs answers fast and waiting on an email response can frustrating when you need an answer then and there.
Money incentives is another great way to keep callers. I have madve a lot of money with Golden Eggs through Sales Calling and love it. However, while I enjoy doing some buyer/seller calling, it is not as rewarding to me, because I have never seen a Golden Eggs from type of calling, even though, I have had multiple A Leads, and even followed up with the clients. It seems to me that the clients just really do not keep up with it. I defintely feel this system needs to be revamped.
I have even thought about that it would be neat to offer a bonus/incentive to the top caller of the month. Not sure how it would work for regular calling, but for the Sales Team, it would be nice to have a bonus/incentive for the person who has the most completed appointments, in addition to Golden Eggs. Perhaps, this would add a little motivation to the team.
Nieman - I think a quick start up with mentors available would help retain qualified callers. For the mentor to be available, mentoring would have to be their main focus. In other words, the mentor would have to have 5-10 hours per week (depending on the number of mentees assigned) to devote to the mentees. It is difficult for a mentor who has a lot of clients and responsibilities to focus/find time. I think monetary incentives are a good idea.
  • Judith Pauley, 4/9/2011, Fairfield, OH
    • Calling Types: Buyer/Seller calling
    • Recruiting Ideas: (ideas to recruit top Callers and any action you have or will take for recruiting Callers)
    • Training Ideas: Keep the process from “You are hired.” to “first lead dialed” as short as possible. All the New Hire paperwork seems more like unpaid research and it has increased since I was hired! Hire them for calling. Train them for calling. Then allow them to explore what else Lifebushido has to offer at some point but get them on the phones asap.
    • Client Ideas: Please get rid of the Client Box and go back to the KA system. Many of the clients I called for hate to have to deal with so many people and ask if there is a way that all contact be funneled. KAs are also able to interact a lot quicker so that an issue that might need a quick email does not turn into days of communicating back and forth to get the question understood and finally answered.
    • Other Ideas: Thank you for getting rid of the Golden Egg program for Buyer/Seller Calling in the form it is in now. Our job is to talk to the lead and record what they want and when they want it. We can probe but we as callers are not selling so there is no way to turn a B or C lead into an A. The worst part of the A lead myth is that we callers have some magic control of them. One client had the idea that he should have “x” number of As for “x” number of dials as told to him by some coach. We do not control the quality of the leads and that information was some statistical sleight of hand to impress on the real estate agent to the need to sign up with a coach who is good at telling someone what they should do rather than doing it themselves.
    • The agents have to take responsibility of getting back to their A, B and C leads that are asking for help that only a real estate agent is permitted to give. I cannot legally answer the questions asked about certain properties or send them a list of foreclosures and many other items but the agent receiving the Report does nothing. When I call back, I’m not the one with egg on my face but that agent will be remembered—but not in a good way.
Quershi - (Qureshi) - I think the new hire process should be done before the training, and the new hire position should be mentored or managed by someone who is not loaded down with other responsibilities. I think if someone goes through the new hire process with more ease, they may be more likely to stay on. My experience with the agents is they do not respond to my emails or requests for updates. It does not feel like a partnership with the client and is discouraging. After a while it doesn't make good sense of your time to try and follow up with the client on closing information, especially when you don't get paid for doing followup work. I think there should be an incentive to give the clients good leads, even if they are B or C leads. I think if we get all the information requested by the client (timeframe, amt to purchase, details, and area) we have done our job successfully. We cannot control if a client is going to buy. But we can work harder to get the information from the client.
Thomas - New hire tasks should be a little more geared toward what the job will actually involve. I recognize that the purpose is really to see if we can follow instructions, however with so much extra that seems not to be job related, I can see people giving up. Some who give up might actually be some of the best ones for the jobs, they are simply frustrated. So streamlining the new hire tasks to make them a little more understandable and not so drawn out will attract more callers.
Turner - I have been with Lifebushido since March, 2012. I felt that the hiring process in getting started was very overwelhming. I like the idea of having mentors for certain systems in case you are stumped on a certain part of the application. Having a incentive program really helps out and does motivate your callers to stay around. I hope to be with Lifebushido for years to come.
Turnpaugh - I think adding incentive to the calling is a great way to retain callers. Unless you just are in love with calling, it gets tedious to the point you want to drop it. I think might be too much to have 100 hours of calling happen in 1-2 months causing burn out and switching teams. Incentives keep people motivated and minimums ensure proper staffing.
Uriodain - Training with a mentor works really well and shortens the learning curve. I think that it is important to have some type of incentive because calling can be tedious sometimes. I'm glad that the Golden Egg policy is being reconsidered.
Wynn-A calling incentive would be great for new callers. I agree that the Golden Eggs are a joke because I have yet to hear of anyone actually getting paid for one. I think that new hire steps are fair. Any job you get you have to start with some kind of orientation so it doesn't seem like a lot to ask. New Hire steps need to be updated regularly so new hires don't get frustrated with waiting around to complete a task. When doing mine I ran into the problem where I couldn't do a few of them because they were out of date. I also think that it is fair to require callers a certain amount of hours before they can move onto other positions within LB. Maybe start requiring anyone who is hired to start out as a caller or has to complete as least 50 hours for the company within the first 3 months of being hired.
Yedsena - I was hired as a Caller in the beginning of June. I actually liked the New Hire steps and thought that it really showcased if someone can follow directions or not. I have been Calling now for about a month and I love it. I would like to stay on as a Caller even after my 100 hours are up. I think that $10 an hour is a great starting wage, especially when working from home. I think that if a person is showing that they truely can do there job and do it the right way, that maybe a raise after a certain amount of hours would be a great incentive also.


White - My issue with calling is the Golden Egg process. It seems like such a drawn out process, but the biggest problem is when the agents never get back to you with a status on the clients.

Cecil - I am here to help and mentor in any way needed. I know issues and techniques are being worked out and I am encouraged by what I have read. I have had the best mentors and examples set before me with Amy, Kate and Sherilyn. They have been here whenever needed them. I would love to see the webinars developed more for training as it would be a resource for answers if we have questions or if we need refreshing on a certain program we use. I look forward to learning and growing myself in opportunities within BAB. Yes the GE program is lacking and confusing. I have hopes of it being a useful part of our incentives to have A leads, but now it seems to be a burden to even report, create and list, send and follow ups.

Hinson - The new Hire is what everyone seems to not like, yes its a long and way to detailed for most jobs in the company, I felt like I had won a goal metal after I was done, I have done my 100 hours and was referred my by mentor Cindee M, Love her and could not have done this process with out her being very VERY patient with me very very sad to hear she has not receiveed what she clearly has the right to get her bonus!! You may need to look in to what you are telling us and what we are getting, a happy team stays while if you promise something and never see through you will not keep most that are worth keeping!! I was one of the lucky ones I guess because I got a client fast. thankful for that, but as much as a process you put the me through I then got my first client and my KA was brand new as well. putting 2 new people on the same client has made for a very stressfull time, for that I do hope you do see where thats not the best for not only callers and clients but for working with a team when so many issues keep happening.I also have just found out how to do GE right or so I hope is right I personally think this is a joke and callers are the ones getting taken advantage of by the time we enter the information in the DT , set it in a file keep up with it and keep after the client that most will not respond or tell you the updates are coming its been will more then the hour you might be able to bill for , you can have this hr if I can stop doing such a waste of time!!! Having goals or bonus are always nice and most see it not only for the extra money but also as a little challange and will almost always try hard to get to the goal! On a Great note I do beilve asking for the callers help in this is a great way to see where this company is at and going!! Thanks