Marketing Email Lovers

version 4/3/13 by Jen H

BACKGROUND: We have clients that have about 1000 people/leads (all real estate property buyers) that have signed up through their website accounts (Boomtown, TigerLeads and Number 1 Expert etc) and have either provided no phone number or fake number. Our goal is to get in contact with these leads through short/creative/humorousemails, of which team ishidos will create.


  • Develop a creative/funny/short email series
  • Use creativity in writing custom, personalized emails that will get responses.
  • Email each person/lead personally and get them to say something, whether it be that they're just looking, they are interested in buying now or they have an agent (we want to be able to code them as Dead, or Buyer A, B or C).
  • Get 80% - 90% of our leads responding to our emails.
  • Get an actual working phone number for the lead that can then be escalated to the Calling Team
  • Actually get this team off the ground and make it just as good or better than Calling Team

Questions for Steve:
  • Who assigns leads and how
  • Will we need another Agent Account for Email Only
  • If a phone number is obtained, do we need to escalate to caller?
  • Do all emails need approved before sending? or just one to get a feel for the ishido and let them run with it
  • What kind of log would we use and who trains how to use that?
    • Probably need separate fields to assign to emailer and for the notes so it doesn't overlap what Callers are doing (in regards to them coding them something different when we are already trying to reach via email)

Items already established:
  • Open to TLT's
  • 1 hour per day in 1 hour chunksduring business hours of 6am to 10pm
  • Want to see how many emails can be sent in an hour
  • Articulate with email - expect to get a response
  • Track like call log
  • Steve needs to be Bcc'd on all emails


SAMPLE EMAIL LETTER with Subject Line.docx

Email 2 - will be sent after 3 days.