Version: 7/27/17

Key Assistant Team Leader
Wendy Ross

Key Assistant Mentors
Wendy Ross
Susan Johnson
  • Mentees
    • Angela Allen
Linda Coombs* Mentees
im Nunn
Raquel Martin -

For more information about joining our incredible team of Key Assistants, please visit: Key Assistant Team - Recruit

Key Assistant Overview
Key Assistants are the main point of contact for the clients of Best Agent Business. Each Key Assistant (aka KA) will have anywhere from 5-8 clients and work about 10-25 hrs per week. The Key Assistant's main duties are speaking with their clients once per week, maintaining the client agendas & budget, delegating client work to skill specific teams and doing ad hoc work as necessary.

Traits/Skills for a Key Assistant

  • Outgoing and friendly personality
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Self-starter and Go-Getter
  • Patience
  • Persistence
  • The ability to deal with many different personality types
  • Excellent verbal and written skills
  • Ability to follow directions, policies and procedures
  • Problem solver
  • Enjoys helping others
  • Works well with both clients and fellow Ishidos

Key Assistant Recruiting

Applying for the Key Assistant Team

Key Assistant Training

Lifebushido Key Assistant Training

Key Assistant Procedures and Policies

Key Assistant Processes and Procedures

Key Assistant Team Leader / Mentor Pages

Team Testimonials

"I like being a KA because it gives me a mix of things to do and see with Best Agent Business. Working strictly with one or two teams would mean I may get only a narrow view of what happens here while being a KA allows me to see the big picture. I like to help make it happen for a client by putting the pieces together to help them free up their time and become more efficient. Plus, working a mix of team work and KA duties gives me plenty of variety so that I don’t get bored with any of the work."

"I enjoy the freedom of setting my own hours and choosing the work that I keep for myself. I would encourage someone to be a KA so they can take advantage of talking with a client and getting to know them and their business and feeling a satisfaction that you’re an important part of their team."

"The things I enjoy most about being a Key Assistant are interaction with the clients, the ability to be of service to them and that satisfied feeling you get from knowing you have just helped someone who really needed it. I look forward to my weekly calls with the clients and find that if we miss a call one week, I actually feel disappointed because I am interested in how their business is progressing and want to know what I can do to help. Being a KA is rewarding and satisfying and I encourage everyone to give it a try!"